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What's Going On With The Boondock Saints 3 Movie?

Boondock Saints

With the recent announcement that the Boondock Saints franchise was on its way to television, it may have left fans wondering what was happening with the expected third film in the franchise, now we know the answer. With a title like Boondock Saints: Origins, it appeared that the TV series would be acting as a franchise reboot, and while that's may be technically true, it doesn't change the fact that Boondock Saints 3 is still on the way with the original actors. The TV series is just another version of the same story, similar to how comic book movies get remade over and over again. According to the team behind Boondock Saints: Origins...

Similar to how the Batman franchise has multiple versions and iterations of the caped crusader, if the 1st and 2nd film were the equivalent of Tim Burton's version of Batman with Michael Keaton, The Boondock Saints: Origins will be its own stand-alone reboot of the franchise. The Christopher Nolan with Christian Bale version, if you will pardon the analogy. Norman and Sean absolutely will be back for the 3rd film and are aware of this television reboot of the brand. And who knows... maybe they pop by from time to time in the TV Series. Sometimes, good things do come on small(er) screens.

So, the good news, if you've bene waiting patiently for Boondock Saints 3, is that the successful crowdfunding of Boondock Saints: Origins for television does not mean that you won't get the movie. The two ideas are being developed independently. To use another comic book analogy, DC has a version of The Flash both on television and in the movies that are unrelated to each other. Such will be the case with The Boondock Saints.

The original Boondock Saints was one of those slow burn movies that was only seen be a handful of people when it was first released, but it found an audience on DVD and exploded into a cult success story. The film starred Norman Reedus, pre-The Walking Dead, and Sean Patrick Flannery, post-Young Indiana Jones, as Irish-American brothers in Boston who become vigilante heroes by going after organized crime in their hometown. The film's fanbase was vocal enough to eventually greenlight one sequel, The Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day. Now, it appears the brand will be growing even more by adding both a third film and a television series. Based on the teaser trailer that has been released for the series, we're guessing most of the movie fans will want to check it out.

While it's been awhile since we've heard much about Boondock Saints 3, we're sure many are glad to know the movie is still in the cards. We have no idea when we'll see it, but it looks like they'll be a TV show to keep us interested until we do.

Dirk Libbey
Dirk Libbey

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