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Sin City Actor Powers Boothe Is Dead At 68

Powers Boothe Sin City

Mother's Day was a happy day for most, but it was a sad one for at least one family and the fans of a beloved actor. Film and television mainstay Powers Boothe has passed away.Boothe reportedly passed away in his sleep on Sunday morning at his home in Los Angeles, CA. He was 68-years-old.

If you've been watching movies for the last four decades then you have, without a doubt, seen Powers Boothe on screen. From the original Red Dawn in 1984 to films like Tombstone and Frailty and Sin City the actor was everywhere in his career. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Boothe actually got his start on the stage, including numerous Shakspearean productions.

Boothe also became part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, first appearing as a member of the World Security Council in The Avengers, before expanding on that role for television as the villain Gideon Roark on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Boothe also had major TV roles on 24 and Deadwood. He won an Emmy in 1980 for playing cult leader Jim Jones in Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones.

Finally, Boothe also lent his impressively deep voice to animation and video games. He voiced Gorilla Grodd in the Justice League animated series and also voiced characters in game series such as Hitman and Turok.

Powers Boothe built a career mostly playing bad guys. His size and voice gave him a power that must have been perfect for casting directors to play the force that heroes needed to overcome. Whether on the big screen or the small one you could expect to see Boothe on screen playing varying degrees of evil. His most popular villain may have been Senator Roark in the film Sin City. Check out a clip from the movie below.

It's always sad when a well-known actor passes away. While Powers Boothe was rarely a leading man, he was one of those character actors that you could always expect to get a solid performance from. When he was playing with his type you knew you were in for a solid villain performance but he could also play against that type and surprise you with his range.

A private service is planned for Powers Boothe in the actor's home state of Texas. A memorial celebration is also under consideration but no details are available. The family asks that support is sent in the form of donations to the Gary Sinise Foundation.

Powers Boothe's long and impressive career is certainly one worthy of remembering. We'll remember him every time we rewatch one of our favorite films, he was in so many of them.

Dirk Libbey
Dirk Libbey

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