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Zac Efron Is Set To Play Serial Killer Ted Bundy In New Movie

zac efron playing ted bundy

There are some serial killers who live on in the public consciousness long after their stories have unfolded. Ted Bundy is one of those serial killers. The killer, rapist, burglar and necrophile was known for his good looks, his smarts and his disarming manner, which helped him to lure women into becoming his victims. He died in1989, after being electrocuted by the state of Florida. But his story lives on, and now it will be told with a little help from Zac Efron.

New reports indicate that Zac Efron has signed on for the role of Ted Bundy in Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, a new movie coming from documentary director Joe Berlinger and written by Michael Werwie. The premise of this movie won't be totally straightforward, as it will filmed from Elizabeth Kloepfer's perspective. Kloefper was Bundy's girlfriend who thought he was innocent but eventually turned her partner in after things continued not to add up.

Since his days at Disney, Zac Efron has been known for being a handsome and charismatic actor, but he's still an interesting choice for Ted Bundy, as most of the roles Efron has taken in recent years have been comedy gigs. Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile should give him a chance to flex his more dramatic muscles, as it were, and could go a long way to help us see Efron as a more serious actor; that is, if the movie ends up being any good.

If you've never caught how chilling and manipulative Ted Bundy can be, do take a look at a portion of his final interview, below.

It's hard to tell what Zac Efron will do with this sort of role, but we'll certainly have a while to wait before we find out, as Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile is still in the early stages of getting picked up, according to THR. The project will be presented to buyers at the Cannes Film Festival. Personally, while we wait to hear its fate, I'm just hoping the movie trims its title a little bit.

You can catch Zac Efron in yet another comedic role in just a few weeks. He's next set to star in Baywatch opposite Dwayne Johnson. It's a movie that is promising laughs and nudity and should be pretty light on the dramatics. The flick opens on May 25. To find out what other movies are hitting theaters in the coming months, take a look at our summer schedule.

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