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The Funny Advice The Rock Gave Zac Efron On The Set Of Baywatch

zac efron in dress baywatch

We've seen quite a few previews for the upcoming Baywatch movie, which means we know to expect penis jokes, tight swimsuits, and even Zac Efron committing to wearing a dress for undercover work. While on set, Zac Efron and other Baywatch star Dwayne Johnson spent plenty of time together, and while filming the dress scene that has been on display in a slew of trailers, Johnson had some pretty vital advice for the younger actor. He said:

My dude [Zac Efron] committed to the comedy. He said, 'How do I look?' I said, 'Hot. Just tuck your balls in that dress.'

As a lady, balls are not something I normally have to consider when throwing on a dress. Apparently, Zac Efron didn't really think about them either, prompting Dwayne Johnson to bemusedly tell the actor to tuck 'em in. If you've seen the clip in question, Zac Efron has on a black and white dress and a hat that wouldn't look out of place at the Kentucky Derby, not to mention some bright lipstick. In the first footage from the movie, Johnson's character, Mitch Buchanan, even notes that the look is a bit much--"too undercover"--to which Zac Efron replies that he looks "legit hot."

We'll have to wait and see if the comedic moment is a hit with fans or if it falls flat, but it's good to know that Zac Efron really committed when he got the script with the ridiculous undercover plotline. We won't have too much longer to wait, either, as Baywatch is set to hit theaters on May 25, 2017.

If you haven't caught the movie moment in the trailer, yet, give it a watch below.

Baywatch is anticipated to follow Zac Efron as Matt Brody, a former Olympian who joins the Baywatch team, where he will get under the skin of the head lifeguard, Dwayne Johnson's Mitch Buchanan. Eventually they will have to get at least somewhat on the same page after getting involved with taking down a drug trafficking operation. Priyanka Chopra is expected to play a villain in the movie, too, so don't expect a cool running down the beach in a red swimsuit moment from that actress. You can take a look at what all we know about the upcoming movie, and see what else is heading to theaters with our full movies schedule for 2017.

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