One would think that the franchise that started with The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo had its fate sealed, what with the presumptive canceling of its long lingering sequel, The Girl Who Played With Fire. But time, and a new book, have re-invigorated Sony's dedication to the cause, as The Girl In The Spider's Web has not only become a going concern for the studio, but it's also on a pretty fast track to production. While we don't know everything about the film, we do have some details that are crucial to the movie becoming a reality.

So here, now, are the details that we do have for the production of The Girl In The Spider's Web. Keep in mind, some of these details may change, and as such we'll be updating this guide to reflect the evolving nature of this film. If you're really looking forward to this film, we recommend that you bookmark this page and come back as often as you like, to update your own knowledge of the project's goings on. Whenever news breaks, we'll make sure you're the first to know. Now with all of the business out of the way, let's learn some more about Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist's latest adventure.

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What Is The Girl In The Spider's Web Release Date?

According to the most recent information, The Girl In The Spider's Web is set for an October 5th, 2018 release date. The film is set to battle against the currently slated Venom spin-off, but this could change, as that too is a Sony project. Judging by the fact that this film was originally set to open on October 19th, against Warner Bros' Jungle Book Origins, it's a safe bet that this project will stay put for now. Though that could change, since Venom has recently cast Tom Hardy in its lead, and has some serious studio muscle behind it at this moment.

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What Is The Girl In The Spider's Web Rating?

Considering the dark material that the literary inspiration for The Girl In The Spider's Web is cut from, there's no way this film isn't getting an R. This is only further evident in the fact that Sony decided to hire Fede Alvarez, who previously directed The Evil Dead reboot and Don't Breathe for the studio. With both projects being harsh, unforgiving portraits of strong women in peril, as well as fighting their way out of it, it would be a true surprise to see this film get anything less than an R, as Alvarez is undoubtedly where he is because he can handle such material to artistic, critical, and financial success.

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Is The Girl In The Spider's Web A Sequel To The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo?

Here's where things get tricky: The Girl In The Spider's Web is indeed a sequel to The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. However, instead of being the second book in the series, it is the fourth book in the Millennium series, and it's written by a different author altogether. While the first three books were written by Stieg Larsson, The Girl In The Spider's Web is written by David Lagercrantz, an author personally authorized by the estate of Larsson's family. It should also be noted that all three books in Larsson's tenure have been adapted as Swedish original films, starring Noomi Rapace as Lizbeth Salander and Michael Nyqvist as Mikael Blomkvist. However, despite plans to combine the last two books in the Larsson trilogy, neither book made it into production, with The Girl Who Played With Fire being the only one of the pair to be scripted.

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