Alexandra Daddario Totally Joined Baywatch For A Penis Scene

Alexandra Daddario in Baywatch

The following contains a spoiler for an early scene in Baywatch.

Actors make their decisions on which roles they take for all sorts of reasons, but usually, those reasons are things that make sense, like because the role was interesting or they got paid a lot of money. Alexandra Daddario was apparently attracted to become part of Baywatch for a slightly different reason. There was one scene in the script that, when she read it, made her decide that she had to be part of the movie. The scene in question sees co-star Jon Bass get his penis stuck in an object. And now we know so much more about the actresses sense of humor. As Daddario describes it...

It's early on in the script, it's the scene where Ronnie --- Jon Bass --- gets his dick stuck in an object, and the way I pictured that scene in my mind, it's even better on screen... He gets his dick stuck in a chair and he can't get it down so he can get it out and you have Kelly's [Rohrbach] boobs in his face and they are the most beautiful boobs ever so that's obviously not going to work and it just goes on and on and it's just so funny. It was even better on screen than I had pictured it and that scene epitomizes what that movie is.

I can't argue too much with Alexandra Daddario's comments to The Wrap that the scene in question pretty much sums up the entirety of what the new Baywatch movie is. In the sequence, Jon Bass, who plays out of shape tech guy Ronnie Greenbaum, is infatuated with lifeguard C.J. Parker (Kelly Rohrbach). At one point upon seeing her coming, he begins to choke on a piece of food, resulting in C.J. performing the Heimlich maneuver. Unfortunately, the resulting body contact has unforeseen, but visible, consequences for Ronnie, leading him to fall to the sand in order to hide his erection. Instead, he lands on a folded up deck chair and gets his junk caught between the wooden slats. C.J. tries to help him with this problem as well, but having the attractive lifeguard in such close proximity doesn't help the situation in the slightest.

If there's one thing we can say about Baywatch, the new film is fairly equal opportunity when it comes to sexually based humor. While the movie has just as much cleavage as you would expect from a movie based on the hit 90s television show, there is a surprising amount of focus on male genitalia as well. The scene described here isn't the only penis based humor in the movie. While the penis jokes are not nearly as objectifying, it's better than not having them at all I guess. Baywatch is in theaters now. Check out our review here.

Dirk Libbey
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