How Alexandra Daddario Got Bikini Fit For Baywatch

alexandra daddario in a bikini for baywatch

When you sign on for a role in a movie like Baywatch, you know you are going to have to be in a swimsuit a large percentage of the time. Which means being fit is a better call than being flabby, and Baywatch's Alexandra Daddario went to a lot of trouble to get bikini fit for the movie, even gaining weight to take on the role. Yes, I just said gaining weight.

Alexandra Daddario is known for her curves alongside her acting ability, and she recently revealed to Women's Health that she is not a huge fan of hardcore exercise. However, when she found out she'd have to spend three months in a swimsuit, the actress decided to get off her rear and train with Zac Efron's trainer, Patrick Murphy. To get in shape, she went from doing the occasional yoga session to training four or five days every week. This would include free weight training, BOSU balls, TRX straps and much, much more, leading her to put on what her trainer called "visual lines of definition." This is what most of us would call being cut. And from the looks of the trailer, it looks like her routine went pretty well.

Alexandra Daddario says she did it because she wanted to look good in the swimsuit she had to wear every day onscreen, and even when she was auditioning for the role in Baywatch.

The ongoing joke is that everyone in the movie is supposed to be supernaturally attractive. Really, I've never done anything where I've thought about my body as much. You are literally in a bikini the entire day. I even wore a swimsuit when I auditioned with Zac.

Alexandra Daddario has done a lot of different types of work on television and in films, and she's even filmed in the buff before for True Detective, so she is used to baring herself onscreen. However, there's a difference between filming one scene on a small TV set, and filming in swimwear over and over again on a beach with people like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Zac Efron, who are both known for their incredible physiques. I doubt anyone expected Daddario to compete against the two boys in the muscle game, but it's valiant that she decided to make getting buff a goal for Baywatch.

We'll see how her work ultimately paid off when Baywatch hits theaters on May 25. To see what other fun flicks are coming this summer, take a look at our full 2017 movies schedule.

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