The Guardians of the Galaxy have made their triumphant return to the big screen, but that's not the only new place you can find them. Their new ride at Disneyland is nearly open and, as you might expect, it's full of cool easter eggs from the moment you get in line. The structure of the ride is based around the idea that you have entered the tower of Taneleer Tivan, The Collector, in order to go on a tour of his massive collection. As such, as you move through the ride you get to see many of the pieces in said collection, some that we've seen before, but also others that are entirely new.

While we haven't had a chance to check out the ride for ourselves just yet, a special preview was recently held that have unveiled many of the easter eggs and references within the ride. The queue contains so much that it will likely take most fans several trips through the ride to notice everything, but here are five of our favorites that we've spied, thanks to outlets like Inside the Magic and Theme Park Insider.

Ultron Robot

While the Guardians of the Galaxy movies have not crossed over with the rest of the MCU, it appears that the Collector's collection has. One of the items on display is a damaged piece of one of Ultron's army of robots from the last Avengers film. Its eyes light up, implying it's at least partially operational.

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