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Possible spoilers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi ahead. You've been warned!

Leaks for big blockbusters can come from anywhere nowadays, but the No. 1 source of spoilers for the hottest movies of the year almost consistently comes in LEGO. Freaking LEGO sets, man. The popular children's toy usually rolls out expansive (and expensive) sets based on specific scenes in upcoming movies, and typically spoils at least one thing that happens in the blockbuster, like Giant-Man in Captain America: Civil War, for example. With Star Wars: The Last Jedi on the way, the merchandise will eventually surface and now a leaked LEGO set might be giving us an early look at Supreme Leader Snoke.

This is by no means official and shouldn't be treated as such, but if this is a picture of a real LEGO set (which is backed up by this other photo), then this should give people an idea of what Supreme Leader Snoke looks like. A LEGO set is not always 100% representative of what goes down in any particular movie scene, but they generally capture the gist. For instance, if a LEGO set features a space battle with Finn and Poe, then Finn and Poe likely have a space battle in the movie. Snoke is likely to have at least one scene in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, so let's take a look at his LEGO figure.

And with Snoke's mini figure possibly being included in the Star Destroyer set, does this mean that the villain will be physically present in the film? We'd only seen him in hologram form, so that would be an exciting choice.

When last we saw Snoke, he told Hux to bring him Kylo Ren in order to finish his training. Snoke appeared only as a giant hologram, so we don't know his actual size or skin color. Based on this LEGO figure, he's about the size of a normal man and has flesh colored skin. The most obvious detail is his gold robe, which differs from the black one he seemed to wear in The Force Awakens. It seems that Snoke has more immaculate tastes then Emperor Palpatine, and this actually does line up with some old rumors that Snoke has a preference for gold and more lavish decorations. If one looks closely, you can see that the figure has some markings to match Snoke's deformed face.

How long Snoke will appear for in The Last Jedi is yet to be determined. It was revealed by director Rian Johnson that Snoke is not a character that he "particularly gets into." This would indicate that Snoke is once again a figure in the background, and any deeper mysterious will be solved in Episode IX. Of course, Johnson could just be lying to avoid giving out spoilers, so Snoke is still a big figure of debate for Star Wars fans.

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