Wonder Woman finally opened this weekend, and it was the talk of the proverbial town. Gal Gadot already impressed audiences last year as Diana of Themyscira in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but it was in her World War I-set origin story where the superheroine reaffirmed why she's a legendary comic book character. Overall, Wonder Woman has been met with critical acclaim, and as of this writing has collected nearly $230 million worldwide. That's one hell of an opening, and even better, we'll see the Amazon princess again later this year in Justice League.

There's a lot to enjoy from Wonder Woman's first solo movie, but we've gathered together the biggest moments from the DC Comics blockbuster that we here at CInemaBlend are still talking about and probably will keep talking about in the following weeks. Let's start by turning our attention to Diana's first shining moment on her home island.

Warning: MAJOR SPOILERS for Wonder Woman are ahead!

Diana's Training

Despite her mother's wishes, Diana learned how to fight from Antiope, so when Hippolyta discovers this, she commands her sister to train Diana harder than any other Amazon on Themyscira. Years later, we saw the adult Diana showing off her moves in an especially intense training session, but our first glimpse of her ultimate potential came when she blocked one of Antiope's sword strikes and inadvertently unleashed a shockwave that knocked everyone nearby off their feet. It was an incredible display of power, but more importantly, it foreshadowed the greatness we can expect from her later in the movie.

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