8 Wonder Woman Scenes We Can't Stop Talking About

Wonder Woman finally opened this weekend, and it was the talk of the proverbial town. Gal Gadot already impressed audiences last year as Diana of Themyscira in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but it was in her World War I-set origin story where the superheroine reaffirmed why she's a legendary comic book character. Overall, Wonder Woman has been met with critical acclaim, and as of this writing has collected nearly $230 million worldwide. That's one hell of an opening, and even better, we'll see the Amazon princess again later this year in Justice League.

There's a lot to enjoy from Wonder Woman's first solo movie, but we've gathered together the biggest moments from the DC Comics blockbuster that we here at CInemaBlend are still talking about and probably will keep talking about in the following weeks. Let's start by turning our attention to Diana's first shining moment on her home island.

Warning: MAJOR SPOILERS for Wonder Woman are ahead!

Wonder Woman Diana with braclets

Diana's Training

Despite her mother's wishes, Diana learned how to fight from Antiope, so when Hippolyta discovers this, she commands her sister to train Diana harder than any other Amazon on Themyscira. Years later, we saw the adult Diana showing off her moves in an especially intense training session, but our first glimpse of her ultimate potential came when she blocked one of Antiope's sword strikes and inadvertently unleashed a shockwave that knocked everyone nearby off their feet. It was an incredible display of power, but more importantly, it foreshadowed the greatness we can expect from her later in the movie.

Wonder Woman Amazons vs. Germans

The Amazons Vs. The Germans

When Steve Trevor crash-landed on Themyscira, he didn't come alone. German forces were hot on his tail, and despite their initial shock at discovering a hidden island paradise in the middle of nowhere, they invade Themyscira to capture the spy that stole Dr. Isabel Maru's notes. Fortunately, the Amazons were anything but unprepared for an attack, and they swiftly deployed to meet the soldiers head on. It's here where we saw firsthand how the Amazons are the superior warriors (one of them shooting the grappling hook arrow was one of the highlights), and although they did take casualties in the battle, including Antiope, they successfully repelled the invasion, and Diana got her first taste of the outside world's brutality.

Wonder Woman alleyway attack

The Alleyway Attack

Just because Steve and Diana made it London didn't mean that they were safe. After buying Diana's more appropriate clothing for 1910s society, they were accosted by undercover German operatives trying to retrieve Dr. Maru's notes. Fortunately for Steve, he had an Amazon with him wearing bulletproof bracelets to keep him safe. In less than a minute, Diana took the assailants out, and Steve managed to score a few blows, too. Aside from being a smaller, yet still thrilling, action scene, this moment is special because it's a confirmed homage to Superman: The Movie, specifically where Clark Kent save Lois Lane by catching a bullet in a similar alleyway setting.

Wonder Woman Diana charging across No Man's Land

The No Man's Land Charge

Of all the scenes in Wonder Woman, we imagine this will be the one that both longtime comic book fans and causal moviegoers alike will still be talking about 10 years from now. After finally being brought to the front lines as Allied Forces tried to free the village of Veld, Diana ignored Steve Trevor's warnings about crossing No Man's Land, ditched her long cape and crossed onto the battlefield. Deflecting projectiles with both her bracelets and shield, Diana successfully pressed forward and inspired her allies to join the charge. As director Patty Jenkins promised more than a month ago, this was the moment that shifted Diana from protagonist to full-fledged superhero, because not only was she the reason the good guys were victorious, but her compassion and determination inspired hope in a previously hopeless situation.

Wonder Woman Diana and Steve dancing

Diana And Steve's Dance

Not all of _Wonder Woman_s best scenes were action-packed. There were a few quieter moments that stood out, including the aftermath of the Veld battle. Relishing their victory in the brief time they have left before having to continue their journey, Diana and Steve enjoyed a quiet moment to theirselves as music played in the nearby tavern. As Steve showed the Amazon princess how the denizens of "man's world" dance (i.e. swaying), it started snowing. It's in this intimate setting that the two of them realized that they were no longer just allies/friends; they now shared same love their comic book counterparts have had in the comics.

Wonder Woman Ludendorff

Diana's Dismay About Ludendorff

Since the end of Wonder Woman's first act, Diana had been sure that killing Ares would immediately end World War I, and later she assumed that General Erich Ludendorff was the God of War in disguise. While Ludendorff put up a good fight thanks to the gaseous drug Dr. Maru created, he was no match for the Amazon princess. Unfortunately, Diana was wrong about Ludendorff, as the Great War didn't instantly stop with his death. While Ares would soon make his presence known, seeing the pain on Diana's face was heartbreaking as she realized that her mission was a failure and that mankind was still set on waging war.

Wonder Woman Ares battle

The Ares Battle

After initially establishing himself as an ally, Sir Patrick Morgan was revealed to actually be Ares, Zeus' evil son and the deity who had been inspiring mankind with new ways to kill each other. After refuting Ares' claim that humanity destroying itself would result in a better world, Diana attacked the God of War and kicked off the climactic battle. Donning his familiar armor from the comics, Ares unleashed his full might on the Amazon princess, displaying abilities like telekinesis, teleportation and manipulating electricity. It was one of the more thrilling superhero movie third act showdowns, and Diana was victorious in the end...but it came at a cost.

Wonder Woman Steve Trevor

Steve Trevor's Sacrifice

Steve Trevor knew he didn't stand a chance helping Diana fight Ares, but he could do something about the Germans' deadly gas. After giving Diana his father's watch, he snuck aboard the plane carrying Dr. Maru's gas bombs, flew it to a safe distance and detonated the payload. Steve was able to save today so that Diana could save the world. His death is ultimately what allowed her to defeat Ares, because channeling her love for the American spy rather than rage and hatred proved to the more powerful force. Nevertheless, Steve's demise was felt throughout the rest of the story, and his sacrifice so noble and tragic that Diana still cried about it 100 years later.

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