6 Huge Surprises The Justice League Trailer Included

Warner Bros and DC went beyond the call of duty when they released that Justice League preview at San Diego Comic-Con last year, 16 months before the movie's release! Nevertheless, fans have been craving a proper trailer for the DC Extended Universe's highly-anticipated superhero team-up movie, and that craving was finally satisfied today. The new Justice League trailer primarily focused on action and spotlighting the early team dynamics with Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg. Which was wise, as studios should know by now that's it's not a good idea to reveal too much plot information early on in these kinds of previews.

However, there will also a few appreciated surprises thrown into the new Justice League trailer, from seeing certain characters for the first time to shots that pull back the curtain a little bit on the DCEU's history. Here are the six biggest surprises you need to know about.

Batman and Commissioner Gordon

Commissioner Gordon

Ben Affleck's Batman has been fighting crime for over two decades, meaning he's also been allies with Commissioner James Gordon for a significant portion of that time. J.K. Simmons is debuting as the DCEU's Gordon in Justice League, and while the actor says that his role is minor, it's still good to see a moment between these versions of the shadowy vigilante and the Gotham City Police Department head honcho. Gordon's "playing well with others" line also subtly calls back to Batman's past partners, as it's been a while since Batman has fought beside others in his mission of justice. We know that at least one Robin died as evidenced by that memorial in the Batcave, but we haven't learned yet what folks like Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon are up to nowadays. Regardless, Gordon's worked with Batman through thick and thin, so seeing him with the other Justice Leaguers is a good sign that his ally is taking steps towards improvement. Simmons' Gordon is expected to return in the solo Batman movie, whenever that's released.

Mera underwater in Atlantis


At some point during Justice League, we'll venture from land into the deep Seven Seas, making our way to the kingdom of Atlantis. While there, we'll meet Mera, played by Amber Heard. In the comics, Mera is Aquaman's wife, queen of Atlantis and fellow superhero. While it remains to be seen how much of a connection she'll have with the Justice League's water-themed member, she'll still be a formidable warrior. Even though Mera won't be a member of the cinematic Justice League (at least in this movie), don't be surprised if we see her jumping into action to strike down some invading Parademons. Following Justice League, Heard will reprise Mera in Aquaman, which arrives in December 2018.

Mother Box in Silas Stone's apartment

The Mother Box

In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the Cyborg video footage on Lex Luthor's metahuman files showed Dr. Silas Stone using a Mother Box to repair his son Victor's body. Then in the "Communion" deleted scene (which was added back in for the movie's Ultimate Edition), Steppenwolf showed Lex Luthor copies of three Mother Boxes over hologram communication before they were interrupted by pesky police operatives. We've learned from reports that Steppenwolf will be bringing his Parademon army to Earth in search of the three Mother Boxes. One of those is the one powering Cyborg, while the other two have been said to be protected by the Amazons and Atlanteans. However, this trailer shows Silas stumbling upon one of these other Mother Boxes upon returning home, and unfortunately, there's also a Parademon lurking in his humble abode. I have two theories for what's going on here. One, one of the other two Mother Boxes ended up in Silas' apartment, and he'll be rescued by one of the Justice Leaguers before that Parademon can kill him. Two, this is a flashback of Silas finding the Mother Box that he'd later put into his son. If it's the latter, then why did that Parademon let him take the Box?

Henry Allen in prison

Henry Allen

Ever since Geoff Johns altered Barry Allen's history in The Flash: Rebirth, Dr. Henry Allen being framed for the murder of his wife Nora has been an integral part of Flash lore. The CW Flash series had John Wesley Shipp (the same guy who played Flash in the short-lived '90s series) play the Scarlet Speedster's unfortunate father, and now former Doctor Manhattan Billy Crudup has taken the role. Just like his comic book and TV counterparts, the DCEU's Henry is stuck in jail, and we catch a glimpse of him and his son having an emotional conversation behind one of those glass prison divides. This is a good way to help lay groundwork for Barry's personal life before his solo movie hit theaters, but don't expect them to delve into who framed Henry, i.e. all that Reverse-Flash stuff.

Batman's Nightcrawler vehicle

The Nightcrawler

Before this Justice League trailer came out, Warner Bros released five teasers for the preview, and during the Batman one, we received our first full look at the Flying Fox, the Caped Cruaser's troop transport. In today's trailers, we finally saw Batman's other new vehicle: the Nightcrawler, an armored tank with mechanical spider legs that can travel through tight spaces and shoot out flames. A vehicle like this is definitely an unusual addition to Batman's arsenal, but since there's an alien invasion hitting Earth (again), now is as good a time to break it out as any.

Amazons battling forces of Apokolips

Amazons vs. Apokoliptan Forces

This Justice League trailer was packed with a lot of exciting moments, but I'd argue the quick shots of Amazons fighting Parademons and other soldiers from Apokolips are arguably the most intriguing. It was reported last year that there will be a flashback in the movie set thousands of years ago showing the human, Amazons and Atlanteans battling Apokoliptan forces, a conflict that concludes with the three Mother Boxes being left on Earth. These shots appear to be depicting that same battle, although the terrain looks more like Apokolips rather than ancient Earth. What also makes this flashback notable is that this might be where we get our first look at Darkseid, the DCEU's overarching antagonist, although he's not expected to speak. Steppenwolf will be Justice League's main antagonist, but the sooner we can get a peek at the powerful being that commands him, the better.

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