Spider-Man has officially entered the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but his world is already about to get even bigger. Sony's long-gestating Venom movie will finally materialize next year (with Tom Hardy playing the titular role, no less), and that will open the door for an entire wave of Spider-Man characters to become central figures in the MCU. Or, at least, loosely connected to the MCU. It's an exciting prospect, but it also raises concerns that we cannot ignore.

Chief among these issues is the possibility of what could happen to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Sony attains more creative control in this realm. On that note, and with Sony's take on Venom about to enter the proper Marvel Cinematic Universe, there are a few key ideas and concepts that must be acknowledged to maintain the integrity of the MCU. We have a few major points to get to, but let's get started with the fact that checking and double checking key story points in the MCU has officially become more important than ever.

Double Check Every Single Detail

Kevin Feige became an instant meme recently when he sat alongside Amy Pascal as she confirmed that Venom would be part of the MCU. She said they'd be "adjuncts," and might happen in different locations, but will be part of the same world. Although logic would dictate that they must have discussed this possibility at some point, the underlying joke is that Sony's new partnership with Marvel Studios could lead to inconsistency. If Venom (and other Spider-Man properties) are about the join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, then the creative forces behind this development need to make sure that every concept, idea, and established story makes sense and jives with the overarching vision for the future. Marvel has developed a stellar reputation for thinking 10 steps ahead, but a partnership with another studio inherently creates a more decentralized environment where inconsistencies can arise. Quality control is key to everyone's success.

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