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Watch Anthony Edwards Hilariously Try To Convince Us That Ghost Goose Should Return For Top Gun 2

Stephen Colbert has been on fire this TV season, so now that Top Gun 2, otherwise known as Top Gun: Maverick, has officially been confirmed and added to the release slate, it's no surprise that The Late Show has found a really funny take on the upcoming sequel. His extremely humorous look at what Top Gun 2 could hold includes a plea from original Top Gun actor Anthony Edwards to bring back Goose... in ghost form. Behold it, below.

If you've seen Top Gun already -- and if you haven't any spoiler warning we'd give you for the 30+ year old movie would go here -- the hero Maverick (Tom Cruise) experiences a huge loss when his best pal and flying buddy Goose (Edwards) is killed during a training accident when Maverick and Goose are forced to eject the plane and Goose hits his head. So, Goose is very much dead, but Anthony Edwards still thinks that "Ghost Goose" is a prime idea for Top Gun 2. Here's his (joke of an) idea:

And now that it's been announced they are making a sequel, I have just one question: Why didn't I get a call? Do I have to remind them that I was in the movie too? That's right, I died. But just because I'm dead, doesn't mean that I can't be in the sequel. I have two words for you: Ghost Goose.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert sketch delivers on so many levels. It's poking fun at how ridiculous sequels to movies can sometimes get, and it's also simultaneously poking fun at the fact that the internet has been speculating wildly about Top Gun 2 ever since Tom Cruise mentioned it would be forthcoming in an interview. In fact, there have been plenty of questions regarding whether or not other Top Gun lead Val Kilmer will be back for the sequel. And speculation related to that makes this 'Ghost Goose' premise even sillier.

Top Gun: Maverick is getting ready to film in 2018, and we've already learned that Oblivion director Joseph Kosinski is on board to direct. In addition, Paramount Studios has already told us that we'll be seeing Top Gun 2 in theaters for Independence Day 2019. While we wait for that to happen, we'll keep you posted on any other details related to the series, including whether or not we'll be getting another baby oil-lathered volleyball scene and whether any characters other than Maverick will be returning. Be sure to use the #ghostgoose to your heart's content.

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