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This Fantastic Grandma Created A Drive-in Theater For Her Family, Check It Out

I think most of us probably know someone in their family or friends circle who really goes all out when it comes to any sort of event planning. However, I've personally never seen something quite as adorable as this grandma who went out of her way to create a "Drive-In Theater" event for her family, years after the medium started dying off in the U.S. You can check out the amazing results of her planning -- including the snacks! -- below.

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Ohio grandmother Sherry Pratt saw a projector on Amazon and imagined and executed a wonderful night with her grandchildren in short order. She decided to use a projector to create an outdoor movie night for her six grandchildren, and made the whole evening drive-in themed. Her graphic designer son even created license plates for her grandkids' "car" chairs. The chairs were handmade and built out of boxes.

The cool grandma didn't limit her guests to her grandkids, either. Nieces and nephews were also invited. One of those was Jessie Woods, who took photos of all of the prep that went into the event, which can be seen above. The images quickly went viral.

As for Pratt, she told ABC News that she just wanted to leave lasting memories behind for her kids.

I just like to build memories for them so they can remember as we get older. Our family means a lot to us and we try to do things with the kids. That's what I like to do best.

In the United States, there were once thousands of drive-in theaters offering cheap entertainment for families. (Not to mention dark corners for couples to fool around.) By 2016, there were only 336 theaters that were operational in the United States, although efforts have been made in recent years to keep the medium alive. Honda had a whole campaign three years ago to keep drive-in theaters alive, and a lot of the remaining drive-in places have already been able to convert to Digital thanks to the project.

These days, however, if you don't have a drive-in theater nearby, you can always blow up a video screen and set up a projector outside. Throw in a few "car" seats and all the snacks your friends and family could want, and you basically have your own drive-in---or walk-in theater, if you will. If you need any advice on that front, just talk to Sherry Pratt.

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