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Thor Ragnarok Is Looking For Beefy Men

Chris Hemsworth and Anthony Hopkins in Thor

Now that Spider-Man: Homecoming is out in theaters, fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe can start to look forward to the next episode in the on-going saga, Thor: Ragnarok. If you're looking forward to the next Thor movie so much that you'd love to be part of it, you're in luck. Assuming, of course, that you can get to Atlanta, Georgia, you're over 18, and you're as ripped as Chris Hemsworth.

A casting call has gone out for extras in Thor: Ragnarok. Little is explained regarding exactly what the chosen people will be playing in the story in the Atlanta Journal-Consitution. However, one qualification that will likely put more than a few of us out of the running is that those that apply "must be very physically fit, with muscular and defined arms." So, that means I'm out, but maybe you still have a shot.

Filming is coming up this week at Pinewood Studios in Atlanta, a favorite place for Marvel Studios to shoot their MCU pictures. While it's not clear exactly what is being filmed there, odds are the crew just need to do some pickup shots, perhaps some filming of Asgard as establishing shots so they need well-muscled people to fill up the screen so that we know were looking at the home of Thor and Loki. It's possible they could be doing some reshoots but with the movie only four months away, we're expecting that the vast majority of the film is already locked in, as otherwise, they're cutting it awfully close.

Interestingly, however, the call is only asking for caucasian looking men, which means that maybe we're talking about someplace other than Asgard as the setting for these shots. We know that Asgard is not limited to men, and includes people of multiple ethnicities, so the specification here would seem to be unnecessary unless we're talking about someplace else. Also, you have to be between 5' 10" and 6' 1", which is an awfully narrow range for height. Apparently, if you're a 6'2" bodybuilder, you're out of luck, which seems unfortunate. For what it's worth, Chris Hemsworth is 6' 3", so maybe they want people who are as tall as they can get, but who aren't taller than the star of the movie because we wouldn't want to make Thor look tiny.

There's only one guy in Thor: Ragnarok that gets to be bigger than Thor, as far as we know, and that's the Incredible Hulk.

Thor: Ragnarok looks to be striking a much lighter tone than the previous films in that corner of the MCU. The addition of director Taika Waititi seems to have had its desired effect based on what we've seen in the initial trailer. We can expect to see a much funnier Thor, as well as apparently a lot of really built dudes, when Thor: Ragnarok arrives in theaters November 3.

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