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The Funny Way Deadpool Congratulated Wonder Woman On Its Box Office Success

Deadpool was a major box office success when it arrived in theaters and became one of the biggest comic book movie adaptations ever made. Another popular character just passed Deadpool by, but he doesn't have any hard feelings. Wonder Woman just passed Deadpool on the domestic box office list, but rather than say anything crude, the movie only offers its congratulations.

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The words of congratulations come as Wonder Woman becomes the tenth highest-grossing comic book adaptation in the history of the domestic box office, knocking Deadpool down to the number 11 spot. With $368 million so far, the next movie in its sights is Spider-Man 2 at $373 million. Even though Wonder Woman is in its sixth week of business, it has been performing remarkably over the long term for a summer movie, falling no further than 4th each week its been open. If Wonder Woman can do half the business at the box office next weekend that it did this past weekend, it will take over the number nine comic book spot, then we'll wonder if it can overtake the original Guardians of the Galaxy.

Globally, Wonder Woman has a bit more work ahead of it. The film has put up a perfectly significant $377 million overseas, but that number is still fairly low compared to other comic book films. Wonder Woman's global total puts at about even with Suicide Squad at $745 million, but Deadpool sits another $40 million ahead on that chart so to overtake the merc with a mouth completely, the Amazon has a bit more work to do.

Considering the hype and the expectations that were laid at the feet of Wonder Woman this level of success is clearly a big deal. In addition to being a successful film at the box office, Wonder Woman also reviewed remarkably well, making it the first clear and unquestioned hit within the DC Extended Universe. While there had been a stigma going in that claimed that female superhero movies did not do well, Wonder Woman proved that this was only because previous efforts weren't made well. A large part of the success of Wonder Woman is being attributed to the attendance of women and girls, who aren't necessarily regular fans of the current crop of comic book movies.

Deadpool will, of course, have a chance to strike back at Wonder Woman, as the Ryan Reynolds starring sequel is currently in production. The original Deadpool became one of the highest-grossing R-rated movies ever, and with the sequel poised to take everything to the next level, if it's able to take that crown, it will almost certainly set several other box office records along the way. At least until Wonder Woman 2 follows it.

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