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Josh Brolin has been using social media a lot in recent weeks to showcase his transformation into Cable for Deadpool 2 - but most of that has involved badass haircuts and ridiculous work out schedules. Today we are getting something a bit different, as we are witnessing the birth of what will become Cable's cybernetic eye. Check it out!

We already knew that the Oscar nominated Brolin was getting totally ripped to play Cable, but this new pic from Instagram reveals another kind of dedication to his work. In the production of Deadpool 2, he is going to have to go through hours of daily makeup to make sure that he looks exactly like his comic book counterpart (a.k.a. sporting multiple scars around his eye), but he seems like he is totally and completely up for the challenge.

For those who aren't incredibly familiar with Cable's legacy in Marvel Comics, take a look at the illustration below, and we'll get into exactly what's going on with the character's face.

Cable Marvel Comics

Without getting too bogged down in the details (Cable's origin is one of the most complex in Marvel Comics), Cable a.k.a. Nathan Summers was born as the son of the X-Men hero Cyclops and a clone of Jean Grey named Madelyne Pryor. Because of his parents, he was always going to have mutant powers, but events shortly after he was delivered changed things a bit. The supervillain Apocalypse infected baby Cable with an techno-organic virus - and it would have killed him had Cyclops and Madeyne not decided to send him to the future where a treatment would be available. As a result, while the techno-organic virus isn't killing Cable, but it has permanently turned him into a cyborg with a metal arm and cybernetic eye.

Cable's special eye isn't just badass looking, but also works better than any human's. With it, he can look into the electro-magnetic spectrum - which is tremendously useful for reasons I probably don't have to get into. It's great that Deadpool 2 will be including this aspect of the character's design, and we're beyond excited to see what it looks like when it's finished.

Deadpool 2 hasn't started filming just yet - but production is imminent. It isn't expected to be a particularly long shoot, partially because of the scale of the production, but also because the movie is actually now less than one year away from release (set to come out on June 1, 2018). We'll be keeping a very close eye on the production going forward, so be sure to keep checking back in for more updates!

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