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Ann Weying Venom

From the DCEU to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, every major superhero movie studio is attempting to do something unique with their respective universes, and Sony seems to have finally found a niche with some serious potential. With an entire Marvel-inspired Spider-Verse on the horizon, the studio is about to invest heavily in a wide variety of characters from Peter Parker's world -- starting with the upcoming Venom solo movie. We have known for some time that Tom Hardy will debut as Eddie Brock in next year's villain-centric project, but now it seems that Mr. Brock may also be joined by his ex-wife Ann Weying at some point during the film's runtime.

If Eddie Brock is going to take center stage as the protagonist in the Venom solo movie, then it makes perfect sense for Sony to flesh out his supporting cast in a way that will make him more sympathetic. With that in mind, Marvel Comics fans will be delighted to learn that new rumors have suggested that Ann Weying (otherwise known as She-Venom) is rumored to play a role in the upcoming story. An ill-fated love interest for Eddie Brock, Ann has her life saved by the symbiote after being shot by Sin-Eater, which subsequently sends her into a deep depression that ultimately leads her to take her own life. No final casting decision has received an announcement yet, but it appears that Sony is currently looking for an actress between the ages of 25 and 32.

As excited as we are about the prospect of Ann Weying making an appearance in the upcoming Venom solo movie, she only represents one piece of a much larger puzzle. In addition to the presence of Venom's ex-wife, recent reports have also confirmed that Cletus "Carnage" Kasady will take on the role of the film's central villain as well. That story decision makes quite a bit of sense in the long run, as Carnage similarly originates from the symbiote suit and his stories often go hand in hand with Venom's storylines.

Carnage Marvel Comics

When you put all of The Hashtag Show's newly revealed rumors together, you start to see the framework of a Marvel-inspired movie that's aiming for an almost unprecedented level of maturity and darkness. Ann Weying's melancholy character arc seems tailor-made for a Logan-esque hard R rating, and the possible presence of Carnage means the violence will likely come hard and fast. A Venom solo movie admittedly seems somewhat odd at first glance, but the story appears to be coming together nicely as we learn more about it.

What actress do you want to see in the role of Ann Weying? Let us know, below. Venom is currently set to hit theaters next year on October 5, 2018. If you're looking for a more heroic and conventional take on the Spider-Verse, then make sure to check out Spider-Man: Homecoming, which is currently in theaters.