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What Hayley Atwell Thought About Wonder Woman

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You may have heard by now about this film called Wonder Woman. It's a superhero movie filled with tons of heart that has essentially claimed the summer for itself, breaking a ton of records and making a nice chunk of change to boot. People love this movie and that includes Hayley Atwell. The former lead of Agent Carter has nothing but good thoughts to share about DC's big hit and she was enamored with every second of it. Here's what Atwell had to say about Wonder Woman:

I thought it was a triumph. I came out of that walking on air, and I think what's brilliant about it is, it's a genre piece, it's a superhero movie, it's pitch-perfect from Gal's performance to the script to the music, it has just the right amount of tongue-in-cheek humor, it's engaging, and I was so so surprised by the end of it.

Hayley Atwell was in attendance at the Television Critics Association press tour to promote her role in the Starz adaptation of Howard's End where she was asked about her thoughts on Wonder Woman (via EW). Atwell, having played Peggy Carter, a prominent female character in the MCU that went on to have her own TV show, would obviously have some thoughts on a successful female-led superhero film. Atwell answered that she loved the movie and praised everything from Gal Gadot's performance to its light humor.

While Wonder Woman is a good movie in its own right, it's difficult to talk about it without discussing what it means for female-led projects. Wonder Woman both starred and was directed by women, and the impact that will have on future films can't be ignored. Hayley Atwell was pleased with Wonder Woman's portrayal of women and for telling such a great message.

What it means for all of us --- because it's not just women are great --- it's going, 'Come on, let's represent who we really are as women.' They did it beautifully. Not only did they pull it off, they were just like, 'Boom!' They excelled.

Wonder Woman is notable for breaking several records at the box office. Not only is it the highest grossing film in the DCEU, but it's the highest grossing film ever directed by a female director (Patty Jenkins). It's also got enough behind it to make a serious play for the Oscars. Hopefully, the movie has carved a path for more female-led projects to follow suit, with Marvel Studios own Captain Marvel arriving in 2019.

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