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T.J. Miller Has A Hilarious Response To That Emoji Movie Masturbation Story

TJ Miller in Silicon Valley

One common concern for the world of film production is that ticket sales are plummeting. With so many on demand and streaming options, attendance at the movies has dropped in recent years. It seems like only giant franchises like superhero movies are still raking in the bucks, with many theaters not getting much action. The Emoji Movie recently made headlines, albeit for a somewhat insidious reason. A moviegoer in NJ was recently asked to leave the theater for reportedly touching his genitals during a screening, making him perhaps the most excited moviegoer to see the otherwise critically panned animated feature. And now voice actor T.J. Miller has weighed in on the controversy, and in a hilarious way.

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Once again, T.J. Miller has used his trademark wit to get ahead of a story. This time he defended the accused patron, because The Emoji Movie is so good that you might get sexually aroused. That's a Miller line if I've ever heard one.

T.J. Miller's Tweet makes fun of an otherwise startling story. Exposing one's privates in a public place is already an offensive action that will get you arrested, but the choice of film is horrifying. Because this event didn't happen in an R-Rated film jam packed with love scenes; the alleged perp did so in the middle of a family film. There were no doubt children of various ages in the same theater, which makes the accusations of indecent exposure even more sobering.

T.J. Miller has been getting in front of quite a few controversies as of late. His recent unexpected exit from HBO's Silicon Valley made headlines a month or so ago, as his character was a fan favorite. Immediately after the character's final episode, he did an in depth interview that made headlines due to his frankness, off color jokes, and apparent beef with various folks on the Silicon Valley team. Miller has even go on to praise himself for said interview, as he was able to steer the conversation of his exit.

The Emoji Movie hasn't been doing so well at the box office, or with critics. The film currently holds a measly 6% on Rotten Tomatoes, and might not end up recouping its $50 million budget. Despite a fantastic voice cast, the overall premise and plot of the film was just not sustainable. Bummer.

You can currently catch The Emoji Movie in theaters (good luck), and T.J. Miller will reprise his role as Weasel in Deadpool 2 when the film premiers on June 1, 2018.

Corey Chichizola

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