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Aquaman's James Wan Just Revealed A Major DC Comics Location As Filming Continues

Following the release of Justice League in November, we're going to go through a serious DC movie drought on the silver screen. However, that drought will come to a decidedly wet end in December 2018 when Aquaman finally makes its grand debut. All eyes are on James Wan's upcoming movie to bring the aquatic hero to life in spectacular fashion, and the latest picture from the production shows that we will visit a vital location from Aquaman's childhood. Get ready to spend some time with Arthur Curry's dad, because we can now officially confirm that Amnesty Bay will make an appearance in the hero's first solo film.

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It's striking to see that picture and realize how much the version of Amnesty Bay from the 2018 Aquaman solo movie (actually Hastings Point in Australia) looks like the version of the location from the comics -- particularly with how many visual liberties the DCEU has taken so far. The site of the lighthouse where Arthur Curry grew up, Amnesty is a major part of Aquaman's backstory, and one could easily draw similarities to the Kent farm from Superman's corner of the DC mythos, or Wayne Manor in Gotham City. Knowing that we will see this locale show up at some point means Aquaman's origins will be explored over the course of the film's story, even if Aquaman doesn't necessarily opt for a full-blown origin story.

If James Wan is sharing photos of Amnesty Bay from the set of Aquaman, then it almost certainly means that an essential character is currently on set. As many of you already know, Aquaman doesn't only hail from Atlantis. He is half human, and his birth name Arthur Curry comes from his father Thomas, who will be portrayed by Star Wars actor Temuera Morrison in the upcoming film.

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We still haven't seen an up-close glimpse of Temuera Morrison as Tom Curry yet. There's a striking physical similarity between Aquaman star Jason Momoa and Morrison, which leads us to believe that the film will maintain the original version of Aquaman's origins in which he is the biological son of the human lighthouse keeper and undersea queen Atlanna (played in the film by Nicole Kidman). The role of parents (particularly fathers) have thus far played a significant part in most DCEU films, so the influence of Tom (and by extension, Amnesty Bay) on Arthur could have massive implications on whom Aquaman's titular hero becomes as the story unfolds.

Aquaman will make his first major appearance in the DCEU this fall when Justice League hits theaters on November 17, and the character will take center stage when James Wan's solo movie premieres on December 21, 2018. Let us know what you think of the Amnesty Bay set in the comments section below!

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