Rememory Trailer: One Of Anton Yelchin's Last Movies Looks Intense, Stars Peter Dinklage

Memory is a tricky thing, especially when it's being used to prove or disprove a crime has been committed. In Rememory, the crime of murder has undoubtedly been committed, so obviously Peter Dinklage's protagonist has to figure out the who and why behind the inciting event. But the method at the heart of the film's narrative is deadly, as Dinklage's own mind is on the line in the process, as you'll see in the trailer below for the movie that doubles as one of Anton Yelchin's final projects.

Co-starring the late Anton Yelchin, Martin Donovan, and Julia Ormond, Rememory is a race against time, as Peter Dinklage's character, Sam, is trying to find the killer of Donovan's character, Gordon. In order to do so, he'll use an experimental technology that allows him to look through other people's recorded memories, which happened to be developed by the victim himself. Though as we saw toward the end of the trailer, that shiny new tech comes with some serious side effects.

Of course, there's some real life tragedy that tinges this exciting look at Rememory, as it is one of Anton Yelchin's final film performances that have yet to be released to the public. With the small look at his material in this film, it really is sad that we're one film closer to no longer being able to see the burgeoning star on the screen ever again. But the intensity of Yelchin's performance certainly matches the level of effort he brought to his career before his untimely death, and it only further excites us about the prospects of entertainment ahead.

Though it should also be mentioned that while there's a fine ensemble of actors, Rememory is clearly Peter Dinklage's show, and it's an intriguing show at that. While this concept has been done in a similar fashion in the Robin Williams vehicle, The Final Cut, this variant on the theme looks like it's more intent on working the psychological thriller aspect into its narrative. And at the heart of it all is Dinklage, who has already shown time and time again that he knows how to carry a room on screen. Seeing the Game of Thrones actor able to spread his wings and take another lead role after being a consistent part of the HBO show's cavalcade of talent makes us happy. It looks like he's both threatening and haunting in this late summer release.

Rememory looks like another win for Lionsgate Premium, as their digital release platform also yielded some fantastic results with last year's Daniel Radcliffe thriller Imperium. Though this time, it looks like the studio's VOD arm has teamed with an interesting partner to bring the film to home streaming before hitting its theatrical release: Google Play. Through the partnership, Rememory will hit homes on August 24, with the actual theatrical release coming on September 8.

Mike Reyes
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