Now that we're midway through August, the summer movie season is finally winding down, with all the big blockbusters having come and gone. The summer of 2017 saw a lot of big winners at the box office and with critics, such as blockbusters like Wonder Woman, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Spider-Man: Homecoming, and War for the Planet of the Apes, as well as original gems like Baby Driver and The Big Sick. However, the summer was not without its duds, as some big franchises fell completely flat this year -- so much so that now the future of these movies is up for serious debate.

To be clear, many of these movies made a lot of money once factoring in the international market. But most of them also performed far below studio expectations; were the lowest grossing films in their respective series (some of which were on No. 5); and were disliked by the majority of critics and moviegoers. All of these reasons are enough to give studios some clear pause in plans for future sequels, which is what makes them in trouble. This was a real bummer summer for film franchises that were used to drawing in big numbers, and it could be a while before you see a sequel for any of these eight franchises.

The Dark Tower

Let's start with the most recent film on this list: The Dark Tower. The long-in-development adaptation of Stephen King's dark western fantasy series finally made its way to screens in August. Despite boasting some big name talent (which means almost nothing these days), The Dark Tower was dead on arrival, opening with just $19.5 million. Critics disliked the bland film, a genre mash-up that was always going to be difficult to sell. A relatively low production budget kept this from being a total bust for Sony, though. Once upon a time, The Dark Tower was one of the most ambitious projects, with plans for a TV series to accompany a saga of films. Right now, Sony is still clinging to that TV series, but The Dark Tower's poor reception can't possibly spell good news for that or any sequels that were also in the works.

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