For years, some have hailed Metal Gear Solid as one of the most "unfilmable" video games in existence. The franchise maintains one of the densest mythologies in the history of the medium, and its story has become one of the most complex fictional landscapes ever conceived. Plenty of directors have expressed a desire to make such a film finally come to life, but it has taken years to see anything even resembling progress for this long-dormant project.

However, Kong: Skull Island director Jordan Vogt-Roberts seems hell-bent on making the Metal Gear Solid movie into a reality. The filmmaker recently spoke out to Den of Geek about how he intends to get the Metal Gear movie made, and we have a few ideas of our own for how he can pull it off. Take a look at our list of steps below, and let us know what you think of a possible Metal Gear Solid movie in the comments below!

Match The Scale Of The Games

Despite its status as one of the stealth genre's most well-known and beloved franchises, the Metal Gear Solid series has produced games with some of the largest scope ever seen in the medium. The premise of the story is simple: Solid Snake sneaks into an enemy compound (often completely unarmed) and faces off against an entire army of soldiers in order to defeat a nuclear-equipped walking tank. This is not a story that can be told on a small scale, and almost every Metal Gear game ever made has embraced the idea that the world could face a nuclear holocaust of Snake fails in his mission. The Metal Gear movie needs to feel big, and the stakes of every mission need to be made abundantly clear.

Cast The Characters Perfectly

From top to bottom, the entire Metal Gear Solid franchise arguably has one of the most airtight and memorable casts of characters (yes, even Raiden) ever created for the video game medium. Solid Snake is one of the most enduring game protagonists ever created, and finding an actor to portray him is a monumental task -- particularly when we consider how fundamental David Hayter's voice is in the creation of the character. The casting of a Metal Gear Solid movie cannot take a backseat to other aspects of development and pre-production. To adequately ensure that a Metal Gear film can embody the spirit of the games, they need to make sure they take the appropriate time to find the right actors for these iconic roles.

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