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One Superhero Crossover That Sounds Like A Great Idea, According To Ryan Reynolds

Deadpool 2 Ryan Reynolds Avengers

Given the character's quick-witted, fourth-wall breaking quips, there's really not a single franchise property that wouldn't be pretty fun to see cross over with Ryan Reynolds' Wade Wilson. While that doesn't mean that any Deadpool crossovers are necessarily on the horizon, Reynolds did reveal there's one team-up in particular that he could see being a lot of fun: putting the Merc with a Mouth side-by-side with the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Avengers. In a recent interview, Reynolds said,

That sounds like a great idea, but a very expensive idea. Can you imagine the shit-talking contest with Iron Man? Oh, that would be great. But it would have to be rated R to completely unharness everybody. Unbridle the merriment and watch them go...

Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool comments to GamesRadar are quick to point out how fun it would be to see Deadpool and Iron Man together, but there would actually be all sorts of fun pairings there that would delight moviegoers. Deadpool could go on a Honey, I Shrunk the Kids-style adventure with Ant-Man, explore parallel worlds with Doctor Strange or, thanks to his mutant healing abilities, get Hulk smashed over and over and over again. It would be hard to imagine Deadpool not making some kind of a joke about Black Widow looking a lot like his ex-wife and he'd pretty much immediately clash with Captain America's "language" rule.

Of course a Deadpool/Avengers movie would be awesome. How could it not be? That being said, it's almost certainly not happening anytime soon, if ever--and especially with the r-rating that seems needed for any project with Deadpool. While recent cooperation between studios does bode well for maybe one day seeing come kind of a unified Marvel Cinematic Multiverse, there's no evidence whatsoever that Marvel Studios has plans in that direction. What's more, the Avengers have their hands full for the foreseeable future with both Avengers: Infinity War next summer and its still untitled sequel in 2019. Who knows how much of the MCU will even still be around by the time Thanos is done with our planet? And that's not even getting into the sorts of contracts that would be needed to allow the two properties to work together.

Deadpool, meanwhile, has his own bright future to look forward to. Deadpool 2 is now in production with a release date set for June 1, 2018 (less than a month after Infinity War). It is believed that a third Deadpool film will then flesh out Marvel's X-Force. 20th Century Fox still has a lot of fun groundwork to lay to connect its own X-Men franchise and it's likely there that any potential Deadpool crossovers will first be aimed.

It's worth noting that, beginning in late 2015, Deadpool became an official Avenger in the pages of Marvel Comics' Uncanny Avengers Vol. 3. For 23 issues, Wade Wilson served as a ranking member of a team that, when the series launched, also included the Fantastic Four's Human Torch, X-Men's Rogue and Quicksilver, Doctor Strange's Doctor Voodo and a new Inhuman character called Synapse. They all served under once and future Captain America, Commander Steve Rogers who, when the team came together, was an old man because of the loss of the neutralized effects of Super-Soldier Serum in his system. We'll let you know as more news regarding _Avengers: Infinity Wa_r and Deadpool 2 drops as both projects move forward.