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How Long Is Thor: Ragnarok Really Going To Be?

Thor and Loki with guns in Ragnarok

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been really killing it lately, with the latest few films all making tons of money and being met with critical acclaim. The next installment in the shared universe is Thor: Ragnarok, which will put the title character and Mark Ruffalo's Hulk in an intergalactic buddy movie to save Asgard. The threequel looks like a game changer for the Thor franchise, as the tone seems lighter and the hero has been stripped of his hammer and golden locks. The latest rumor for Ragnarok is related to its runtime, specifically that it was over two hours long.

Now director Taika Waititi has refuted this claim, but he may have also been joking a bit. Check out his responds via Twitter.

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Well, this is a bit confusing. Let's break down exactly what Taika Waititi is telling us.

It's debatable that 2 hour and 10 minutes was a bit too long for Thor: Ragnarok's length, but the film's director may not be telling the whole truth in regards to his response. Because 90 minutes actually feels a bit short for a film that is so out of this world and features so many iconic characters. An hour and a half would fly by in the theaters, and Marvel Studios would likely want to milk the team up of Hulk and Thor a bit more than that specific runtime. Additionally, Waititi made a joke about 40 minutes of the film being credits, so it puts his response to the rumor into question.

This is not the first rumored runtime for Thor: Ragnarok. At around the time of San Diego Comic-Con, Taika Waititi revealed to Collider than the film was running at around 100 minutes.

Of course, this was a few months ago, and a number of scenes and moments could have been cut or included in the month or so between Taika Waititi's last statement. But 100 minutes seems a bit more on the nose than 90, giving the film more of a cushion to include its team ups and action sequences.

To put a little context, a 100 minute (or 90 minute) version of Thor: Ragnarok would be quite a bit shorter than the previous few installments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 flew by in theaters, it clocked in at 136 minutes. Spider-Man: Homecoming clocked in almost identically with 133 minutes. So whatever runtime ends up being confirmed, the shorter one being teased by Ragnarok's director certainly feels shorter than we're used to.

Alas, we'll just have to wait and see when Thor: Ragnarok gets a bit closer to theaters. The film is set to arrive on November 3rd. In the meantime, check out our 2017 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

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