Netflix junkies (and probably Netflix itself) were rocked by the news that Disney is terminating its business with the streaming service. The Mouse House is taking off all of their movies and TV shows from Netflix and will be creating its own streaming platform which will be the exclusive home to its massive library of content. Come 2019, Netflix subscribers won't have access to any Disney titles, including those of Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars. 2019 is still far off, so take this time now to treasure what we've got and binge your way through the best Disney movies still on Netflix.

Netflix still has a wide variety of Disney titles that would please lots of different fans. A casual search will lead to animated 90s classics, modern day hits, blockbuster favorites, and crummy direct-to-DVD sequels as far as the eye can see. So enjoy not needing to buy another monthly subscription for just a little longer by checking out the best Disney movies Netflix currently has to offer.


The fourth-highest grossing film of 2016, Zootopia was both a critical and commercial success for Disney. The movie was something of a spiritual throwback to the studio's talking animal-centric classics, but with a modern spin and a relevant message. The film follows the first bunny police officer of Zootopia as she teams up with a con man fox to uncover the disappearance of a key animal. The main draw of Zootopia is the city itself, a clever look at what a city run by animals would be like and a fun world that audiences would love to explore. Plus, gotta love that sloth scene!


Mulan came out in a weird period for Disney Animation. It's not prime Disney Renaissance (from The Little Mermaid to The Lion King) but it's leagues better than most of the films that would soon come after thanks to its music, themes, and funny side characters. Mulan continued a growing trend at Disney of creating well-rounded female characters concerned with bigger things than finding a prince. Mulan's struggle to protect her father by taking his place in a war was a far cry from some of Disney's more popular princesses. She saved all of China! There's a reason that Mulan is next up to get a live-action movie.

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