The Nightmare Before Christmas Is Finally Getting A Follow-Up, But Not In The Way You'd Expect

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Tim Burton has always been known for his ability to take off-kilter approaches to familiar topics, but none of the films he has directed or produced over the years captures that idea quite like The Nightmare Before Christmas. The horrifyingly festive tale of Jack Skellington has become a must-watch for the Halloween and Christmas seasons, and its iconic story has left fans wanting more since its 1993 debut. Now it looks like those prayers will finally be answered (in a way) with a brand new graphic novel series set to hit shelves next year.

A new report from THR confirms that The Nightmare Before Christmas will soon receive a follow-up comic book tie-in. Titled Nightmare Before Christmas: Zero's Journey, the book will be published by Tokyopop and center on Jack Skellington's dog Zero as he finds himself lost in Christmas Town. Not much else is known about the upcoming tie-in comic book series, except for the fact that it is expected to debut in Spring 2018 and more information related to it will come forward as the next few months unfold.

Zero Nightmare Before Christmas

This is not the first time that the Nightmare Before Christmas universe has been tapped for a tie-in property. In 2004 a video game called The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie's Revenge was released for PlayStation 2 and Xbox, and fans have continually clamored for a sequel in the years since the first film debuted to an impressive $75 million haul back in 1993. In fact, director Henry Selick has explicitly stated that he would consider returning to this universe for another film -- on the grounds that he and Tim Burton come to an agreement on a proper story. We do not know if that day will ever come, but Nightmare Before Christmas: Zero's Journey will definitely serve as a solid consolation prize for the time being.

Of course, this only gets our minds wondering about the possibilities that a comic book like Nightmare Before Christmas: Zero's Journey could potentially lead to. The Tim Burton-verse is chock full of delightful characters like Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice and even the bizarre personalities from the 1990s Batman films -- yes, even the ones directed by Joel Schumacher. With such an odd array of characters and worlds ripe for the picking, we would not be surprised to see even more of these properties adapted into comics if Zero's Journey performs well.

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