Dave Franco Explains Why It Took So Long To Work With James Franco

Dave Franco and james franco working together

James and Dave Franco hang in extremely similar circles, and you'd think that with both of them having some of the same friends and co-stars in Hollywood, the two brothers would have worked together by now. Despite the fact that they were roommates once and see each other pretty frequently in Hollywood, believe it or not, The Disaster Artist is the first film that sees both Francos working as co-stars. The reason behind the long wait is reasonable though, according to what Dave Franco said in a recent Toronto International Film Festival interview:

I don't know, I didn't want people to think I was riding his coattails. I just wanted to do my own thing... To be completely honest, when I was first starting out, everyone knew who he was and so I just made a choice that I just wanted to do my own thing for a little while. But, after a while, it felt like the right time and the right project.

With his TV and film career starting up only a couple years after James Franco made it big with the Spider-Man movies, it's no surprise that Dave was not only afraid of living up to his brother's reputation, but also he didn't want to get any special treatment because of the familial relationship. As any of the Hollywood families will tell you, nepotism is something that can kill a career as fast as it can foster its growth. While the Franco name isn't steeped in that sort of practice, unlike some of the other families operating in the neighborhood, they most certainly know enough to avoid even the slightest suggestion to the contrary in a heartbeat.

Of course, just because Dave Franco made his start with a fresh deck doesn't mean he didn't have any help from his brother, particularly in his living arrangement. As James also mentioned in the interview with EW at TIFF, Dave did live in his apartment for a period of time when making his start. Which is one of those things a big brother is essentially there for, or so parents would have you believe while growing up. These days, both Francos are popular in their own right, and they are more than ready to take their combined act to the world with The Disaster Artist. The only question remaining now is, will the world be ready for the Franco brothers working together?

The story of The Disaster Artist is a tale that both brothers may have shared an interest in, thanks to the infamy of The Room through its various audiences around the world. It's hard to avoid talking about Tommy Wiseau's certified midnight movie even if you aren't an avid fan, as it's the stuff that internet memes are made of. Whatever the love the two brothers may or may not have for the original cult movie, when Greg Sestero wrote his big memoir about his friendship with Wiseau and the various phases of The Room's production, The Disaster Artist clicked with both Francos, allowing them to combine their powers in the name of cinema!

We'll soon find out if the end product is any good, as The Disaster Artist hits theaters on December 1st. To take a look at what else is hitting theaters in 2017, check out our full release schedule.

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