The Disaster Artist Full Trailer With James Franco Is Exactly As Wild As You'd Expect

Where do you begin when talking about The Room? Do you start with the consistently inconsistent story? Maybe the awkward nature of Tommy Wiseau himself? Well, in the case of one of its stars, Greg Sestero, he started at the beginning and told the story of the film's creation, as well as the start of his friendship with Wiseau, in his memoir The Disaster Artist. As you'll see in the trailer below, it's a story that was born for the silver screen.

Throughout the story told in The Disaster Artist, we're going to see James Franco's Tommy Wiseau and Dave Franco's Greg Sestero build a budding partnership as acting students, and eventually turn into uneasy friends with a healthy amount of jealousy thrown into the mix. But while the film does maintain a dramatic edge to it, there's still a healthy amount of dark humor injected into Sestero's memoir, and should subsequently be a part of the film, which is also directed by its star James Franco. If that's not going method, then we don't know what is.

The trailer for The Disaster Artist comes hot off of the film's midnight premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival last night, and it looks every bit as crazy as you'd expect. At the same time, the advanced buzz that has the film pegged as an awards contender for this year is looking like the real deal after people have actually screened the movie. Anyone who's read the book will tell you that the story of Tommy Wiseau himself would make an interesting biopic, especially the way his story is told by, and intertwines with, Greg Sestero's own fledgling career as an actor. Looking at the cast for The Disaster Artist, we also see a stacked deck.

We knew that Seth Rogen, Paul Sheer, and Ari Graynor were all along for the ride, but now the trailer has brought to light the fact that Jane Fonda, Sharon Stone, and even Judd Apatow are all going to have featured parts. Not to mention, somewhere in this very same film is Bryan Cranston and Kate Upton, so the spectrum truly runs the gamut. You can check out the two leads in the poster, below.

The Disaster Artist Dave Franco and James Franco watch a movie

Just by the glimpses we've gotten here, especially on Apatow's part, it looks like all involved are really pushing their talents to the limit to bring such a funny, yet odd story to full dramatic life. Who would have thought that back when The Room was first released as a $1,800 grossing flop in 2003, it would lead not only to such a midnight movie renaissance, but also a biopic on the same level as The Disaster Artist?

It's a trailer that newbies and devotees to the phenomenon that is The Room can enjoy, and if that's any sign at all, The Disaster Artist is only going to draw more interested parties to the oddity of a film that it focuses on. December 1st is the day that we'll all get to see whether or not The Disaster Artist is a winner, and we're all the more excited to find out ourselves. You could say, the anticipation is tearing us apart.

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