The IT Opening Scene Done In LEGOs Is Also Terrifying

It's a good time to be a horror film. Aside from the bevy of original movies currently being produced, there are also a fair amount of classic properties being revived for a modern audience. Chief among them is Andy Muschietti's IT, which is currently enjoying a very successful run in the theaters. The film adaptation of Stephen King's classic novel has become a critical success, while also raking in the money at the box office and increasing interest in the planned sequel. By now people are very familiar with IT's story, but there's one way you haven't seen Pennywise come to life: in Lego form. Check out the iconic Georgie abduction scene below, remade with Lego minifigures.

Who thought that those little yellow toys could be so terrifying? Apparently Brick Force Studios did, which routinely produces Lego remakes of popular movie scenes. And while their take on Spider-Man: Homecoming and the Transformers franchise might have gotten some attention, the Lego version of IT may end up being the channel's most popular video.

The above video is a shot for shot remake of Georgie's signature scene from IT. Cutting out the scenes between he and his brother Bill, we see as little lego Georgie (complete with his signature yellow raincoat) follows his paper boat around his street. Then Lego Georgie fall on his ass, which looks way less painful in toy form, and eventually turn up at Pennywise's sewer.

The Lego version of these events is pretty impressive. To start, the minifigure's actions perfectly sync up to the movie audio, allowing audiences to very quickly transport themselves back to their seats at the theater. But perhaps what is the most awesome is how the video editing made the otherwise two dimensional toys have depth. Raindrops were perfectly added to the footage, as was the water flowing down into the sewer while Pennywise plays with its young victim. While some Lego versions of movies can look cheap, the production value for this one is top notch.

Unfortunately, the video cuts right before It really sinks its teeth into Georgie. Literally. While the original miniseries simply focused on the evil clown's teeth, Andy Muschietti's version showed the attack in gory detail. In one of the most shocking moments of the film, we see as Pennywise reveals his layers of teeth and bites of poor Georgie's arm, before eventually dragging him underground.

The popularity of videos like these are sure to increase over the next few years, as Lego continues to produce big budget films. Both The Lego Movie and The Lego Batman Movie were well received by critics, and The Lego Ninjago Movie will arrive in theaters on September 22nd. Legos are here to stay, but they probably won't be as scary as Lego IT.

IT is currently in theaters. Be sure to check our 2017 release list to plan your final trips to the movies before the New Year.

Corey Chichizola
Movies Editor

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