October is an exciting time to be a Netflix subscriber, as quite a few top notch titles are coming online in the streaming library. However, that also means that the usual purge of some other titles you've been meaning to watch for some time is at hand. We can't blame you, as there are some movies on this list we'd love to revisit before they fly away, and that window is now narrowing down with each final day of September.

With that in mind, let's take a look at our list of must see titles, which will disappear in those early days of fall.


General George Patton, aka Old Blood and Guts, got the biopic he deserved with Patton, and in that film he got the actor he deserved (George C. Scott) portraying his historic role on the battlefields of World War II. Whether the film is a little sensationalized, that's up for debate. But whether the film is a classic or not is not a discussion that can be had, as it's as bombastic as it is captivating. Not to mention, that opening speech still goes down as one of the best openings to a film ever. Try turning it off after the first 10 minutes, we dare you.

The Shining

Adaptations will always have their share of detractors, as well as supporters. Stephen King adaptations are perhaps one of the most infamous examples of such views on film. Take The Shining's feature film version, crafted from the mind of director Stanley Kubrick. Movie fans, and even some fans of the book, love the visceral experience that Kubrick generated out of the King novel, even if it tends to eschew the more human component of the film to deliver a cracking ghost story. Other fans more loyal to the book, and even Stephen King himself, despise this film for doing just that. Don't miss out on your chance to watch for yourself, and weigh in on said controversy.

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