Full Pitch Perfect 3 Trailer Sends The Bellas Out On An Emotional Note

Pitch Perfect didn't strike me as a comedy that would produce numerous sequels. Even the original movie made a persistent running joke out of the fact that a capella singing was uncool, and aspiring music producer Beca (Anna Kendrick) wanted nothing to do with the Barden Bellas. Only, she did. Because a capella cover songs actually ARE cool. And Pitch Perfect dialed into an ensemble of witty and lovable actresses who we wanted to spend more time with. And so, this December, Pitch Perfect 3 brings the trilogy to a close (we assume). Check out the latest trailer:

Pitch Perfect 3 picks up the microphone and sings a number of expected sequels tropes, which is probably unavoidable but worth noting all the same. We catch up with the original Bellas -- a group that includes Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Brittany Snow and Anna Camp -- as they are being passed on the professional level by the next generation of Bella singers (led by newfound pop star, and Pitch Perfect 2 standout, Hailee Steinfeld). Eager to recapture their sliver of the spotlight, the Bellas hit the road -- taking the action to Europe for a USO tour, where they plan to compete against another round of colorful competitors who hate everything the Bellas stand for.

Pitch Perfect 3

The new trailer also introduces a wrinkle in the close-knit community of the Bellas. A record producer wants to sign Beca to a recording contract. Only, they just want Beca, and not the rest of the Bellas. Will she sacrifice her on-stage family for off-stage success?

I mean, if you watched either of the first two Pitch Perfect movies, you know the answer to that question. But you aren't really showing up for Pitch Perfect 3 for monumental character development and/or soap opera twists. You want cover songs, and this new trailer suggests that versions of George Michael's "Freedom" will be on your iPod by the time this movie is out of theaters.

As for when Pitch Perfect 3 opens... well, it's in the shadow of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Which means it might work as counterprogramming. Or it might struggle to find a theater screen, as the Star Wars sequel gobbles up multiplex space. Will you see the conclusion of this fun and frivolous trilogy in theaters?

Sean O'Connell
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