We're hitting the final months of 2017, and with that comes some of the year's biggest movies. That includes Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which will pick up immediately after where The Force Awakens left off in 2015. Unlike many blockbuster productions, Lucasfilm loves to keep details about the upcoming Star Wars movies close to the proverbial chest. So even though there's been no shortage of reports (official or otherwise) about Episode VIII, as well as a teaser trailer that dropped in April, there's still plenty of questions that need answering. Fortunately, it looks like we may be learning more concrete information about that next Star Wars installment through a full-length trailer.

Although no official premiere date has been announced yet, there are rumblings that the next Last Jedi trailer will drop in a few weeks, and given that The Force Awakens also debuted a big trailer in October, fans will want to keep their eyes and ears open. In the meantime, we've gathered together moments that should be shown in the next preview that will boost excitement for The Last Jedi even higher.

The Crait Battle

Star Wars fans got their first look at Crait in The Last Jedi teaser trailer, where was saw Resistance skimmers kicking up red dust as they raced to meet the AT-M6s heading their way. The moment was reminiscent of the Hoth conflict in The Empire Strikes Back, as once again we have smaller vehicles being sent out to engage the slow-moving armored walkers on a desolate battlefield. However, while the snow speeders on Hoth used tow cables to bring down the AT-ATs, we don't yet how these Resistance skimmers will stand a chance against AT-M6s, which are bigger and have more firepower than the AT-ATs. Ideally the next Last Jedi trailer will drop in a few more seconds of Crait footage so we'll have a better idea of what this battle will look like.

Canto Bight

Of all the new planets being introduced in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Canto Bight is unquestionably the most glamorous. Rian Johnson included this casino planet to move away from the "grimeness and dirt" common in many Star Wars worlds, while still making it feel like it belongs in this galactic space, similar to Coruscant in the Prequel Trilogy. We've gotten a few looks of Canto Bight already through official photos and The Last Jedi behind-the-scenes reel from D23, but this upcoming trailer is the perfect time to show off the glitzy environment and clue fans in on what Rose and Finn will be up to there. As a bonus, maybe we could also get a peek at Benicio del Toro's mysterious character, who is still only known as DJ.

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