AMC Offering $5 Movie Tickets Through Halloween

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There's no experience quite like going to the movie theater, but doing so isn't necessarily cheap. Luckily, one major theater change is about to make going to the movies a lot easier, at least for a little while. AMC Theaters is running a promotion throughout the month of October which will make movie tickets only $5. The only catches are, you have to go on Tuesdays, and you have to join the AMC Stubs rewards program.

On the plus side, AMC Stubs is a free rewards program, so it won't cost you anything to become a member, but the $5 ticket promotion is only available to people who have signed up. Going to movies on Tuesdays might be a bit tougher for some, what with annoying responsibilities like work and school going on during the week, but if you have the time, the ticket price is certainly an appealing incentive. For that price, you can have two or three people get into the theater for what the ticket would usually cost.

There is an upgraded option for the rewards program that, for $15 per year, offers free upgrades on concessions and faster point accumulation.

Many theaters offer discount ticket days, often on Tuesdays, but even at a discount, few theaters offer tickets as low as $5. If you've got an AMC Theater near you, and you go to the movies regularly, it's probably worth joining their rewards club anyway, so you might as well take advantage of the deal.

October is a pretty good month to go to the movies too. With September holdovers like IT, mother!, and Kingsman: The Golden Circle still in theaters, as well as upcoming movies like Blade Runner 2049, Marshall, Suburbicon, and Jigsaw on the way, there's probably something worth seeing at the theater regardless of your tastes. Even if you've already seen some of September's big releases, for $5, it's probably worth seeing the good ones again.

In addition to the standard releases, some AMC Theaters will be running screenings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show this month and the chain is also in the midst of a run of classic Disney Princess movies. You can catch both The Princess and the Frog and Brave as part of the promotion, you can also see Tangled, but only if you get to the theater today, as its run is coming to an end.

In the grand scheme of things, this is only a good move for AMC. Nearly all ticket money ends up in the hands of movie distributors anyway. Theaters themselves make the majority of their income on concessions, and cheaper tickets mean more people in the theater buying popcorn and soda. Of course, the same benefits could be attributed to MoviePass, which AMC Theaters specifically has come out very publicly against.

The promotion is running now through October 31.

Dirk Libbey
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