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The final Justice League trailer has officially debuted online, which means we are now in the home stretch of the film's marketing campaign. Each preview that has debuted since the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con trailer has promised a much different tone than the DCEU films that preceded this ensemble blockbuster, and it really has begun to look like DC has learned from mistakes of the past. With regards to this trailer, that means staying away from one of the most significant errors made by Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice's marketing campaign: showing way too much of the final act.

Trailers for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice were arguably some of the most highly-anticipated previews in recent memory. The film marked the first-ever meeting of Batman and Superman in a live-action film setting, and the DCEU was still riding relatively high off of the polarizing (yet successful) Man of Steel. With anticipation running high, Zack Snyder's second outing into the world of cinematic DC adventures promised to unveil a fascinating maze of secrets and plot turns until one of the final trailers blatantly gave away the fact that Lex Luthor would go on to create Doomsday -- thus resulting in the death of Superman.

The moment Doomsday arrived on the scene, most astute fans were able to generally figure out some of the most prominent Batman V Superman plot beats. However, Justice League has not really had that issue so far. The trailers have spent far more time cultivating a very specific dynamic between this group of heroes than they have spent teasing the arrival of a particular DC storyline, so while we have definitely been able to piece certain aspects of the film's plot together, we have yet to see any moments that immediately signify where the story is going.

Moreover, this Justice League trailer is also a big win for the folks at DC and Warner Bros. because of how it is leaning into potential spoilers that audiences have already caught on to. Most fanboys have generally come to the consensus that Superman will return from the grave (possibly in a black suit?) during this film. Rather than steer away from that possibility or beat around it, the final Justice League trailer has embraced something that fans have figured out and treated it as an inevitability, rather than continuing to try and act as it might or might not happen. Batman V Superman made a huge mistake by giving away something that nobody saw coming before that trailer debuted, but Justice League has handily moved around that issue by focusing far more on tone and known plot elements than anything new. If you ask us, it's a smart move that has really paid off today.

For a closer look at Justice League's badass (and not so spoilery) marketing campaign, check out the latest trailer below!

With that final trailer now on the web, I think it is safe to say that our anticipation for Justice League's premiere has officially reached a fever pitch. The iconic DC superhero team will debut on the silver screen later this year on November 17, 2017.

What did you think of the final Justice League trailer?

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