Monday night, Star Wars fans and those of us who appreciate the long and difficult marketing dance that accompanies a big-ticket blockbuster tuned in to a dreadful NFL contest between the hapless Minnesota Viking and he disappointing Chicago Bears. Why? Because the latest trailer for Rian Johnson's Star Wars: The Last Jedi was due to drop at halftime, and the glorious sci-fi teaser immediately made us forget the 2-0 game we had to endure. We immediately were transported to a galaxy far, far away. The Force was awakened inside of us once again.

The new trailer, though light on what might consider spoiler material, provided a steady stream of GORGEOUS imagery that -- I think -- danced nimbly around the plot of Star Wars: The Last Jedi to protect most of the film's major mysteries. In fact, having watched the sequel's trailer a few dozen times, I'm convinced that so much of what is shown is blatant misdirection to knock us off the scent of what could be major plot developments in the Star Wars saga. Still, here are 10 of our favorite shots from the most recent trailer, as well as some base-level analysis of what it all might mean. Starting with:

Rey In Trouble

The trailer ends with a kicker, suggesting that Rey (Daisy Ridley) -- seeking guidance regarding her place in the universe -- turns to Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) and, as a result, the Dark Side. This theory works if you imagine that Supreme Leader Snoke's monologue that starts the trailer is aimed at Rey, and not at Kylo. But when Rey stares down Snoke at some point in The Last Jedi (because that's happening, people), the powerful human/humanoid is going to inflict some serious pain on our beloved orphan Jedi-in-training, as evidenced by this terrible shot of her bent over backwards in agony.

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