Settlers Of Catan Is Getting Made Into A Movie

Settlers of Catan

Games and movies have gone hand in hand for quite some time. Whether it is the video game film genre or movies like Jumanji (not to mention its upcoming sequel), which focus on specific fictional games. However, one of the more intriguing subgenres of cinema involves the adaptation of classic tabletop games, and now it looks like one of the most famous of the bunch is finally about to get the silver screen treatment. Get ready, gamers, because it seems that a Settlers of Catan movie is on the way.

Variety reports that Sony is in negotiations to acquire the film rights for a movie inspired by the Settlers of Catan board game property. Settlers of Catan is one of the most famous and successful tabletop games ever made; having sold over 25 million copies in the three decades since its initial release, it has become a worldwide phenomenon in a wide variety of different languages, as well as several different expansion packs. The object of the game is to build and expand an empire in the fictional realm of Catan with a finite amount of resources at the player's disposal. It's unclear how Sony plans to translate that premise into a story, but it's arguably open-ended enough to go in a number of different directions.

Although a movie inspired by a board game such as this might seem somewhat bizarre at first glance, it is worth remembering that Hollywood has found ways to make this concept work in the past. The Ouija franchise (despite a relatively lackluster first installment) saw great success when the wholly superior sequel, Ouija: Origin of Evil, debuted back in 2016. Beyond that (and perhaps more importantly), Clue has become widely regarded as a quintessential cult classic of the 1980s.

Ouija origin of evil clue board game movies

Each of these respective projects worked because the filmmakers behind them understood the core thesis of the property receiving the adaptation. For Ouija, it was all about creepy, paranormal horror. For Clue, it relied on an offbeat mystery with a wide range of outcomes (not to mention a delightful performance by Tim Curry). If Settlers of Catan can do the same with its own story, then we might have a massive success on our hands.

We will bring you more updates related to the Settlers of Catan movie as new information related to the project becomes available; as of right now it is on a fast-track at Sony, but no release date has been announced. Until that happens, take a look at our 2017 movie premiere guide and our 2018 movie premiere guide for more details on everything dated to debut over the next year!

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