Jordan Peele Crashed A Classroom Doing A Lesson On Get Out

Jordan Peele Get Out

Writer/director Jordan Peele's Get Out has been out for less than a year, but it is already being heralded and supported as a legendary piece of cinema. It's legacy has quickly grown so strong, in fact, that the movie is already being utilized in college courses. This is something that Peele evidently saw as worth celebrating, as he made a special appearance in a classroom that was using his work as part of a lesson.

Captured in a Twitter Moments stream, the story begins with UCLA Professor Tananarive Due, who teaches a course on black horror films at the Los Angeles university. She asked Jordan Peele to come by as a surprise for her students, and they successfully got him into the back row at the start of class without anyone noticing. Due screened a scene from Get Out while class was in session, and posed a question to the class, leading Peele to raise his hand.

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Professor Due captured the specific dialogue between her and her students in another Tweet, and she followed that message noting that Jordan Peele then got up and moved to the front of the classroom to field questions.

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Rather than just having to imagine the reaction to this bit of awesomeness, one student actually filmed Jordan Peele's walk to the front and posted it on Twitter:

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Part of what makes Get Out such an amazing film is the way in which it's layered - not only narratively, but through symbolism. It is truly worthy of discussion in any college classroom in the world - but for those who don't have that available to them (especially ones with cameos from Jordan Peele), there is a nice substitution. The directors commentary on the movie's Blu-ray is ridiculously insightful, and I guarantee it will help you discover elements in the movie that you never knew were there. If you don't already own a copy, we highly recommend you go out and pick one up.

Eric Eisenberg
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