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Deadpool became one of the hottest comic book properties practically overnight, so the announcement that a sequel was happening was a no surprise. Now, filming for the follow-up is done and Ryan Reynolds is saying thank you with a collection of photos. Reynolds wants to thank everybody from the director to the production assistants, and even includes a couple of fun easter eggs that might not even be noticeable in the final film. Scroll through the images below to check them all out.

Ryan Reynolds starts with an image of Deadpool 2 director David Leitch, who took over the chair from Tim Miller. Leitch previously directed the John Wick movies, which makes us think that the action sequences may be taken to the next level. From there we get a look at Deadpool's swords, which are apparently named "Bea" and "Arthur." While I had no idea, I'm also not at all surprised. These will apparently be only two of a massive number of easter eggs according to the Instagram post. We also get Ryan Reynolds posing with several crew members, including the make-up team responsible for making him look like a topographical map of Utah. Finally, we get a close-up picture of Josh Brolin looking quite angry, a state he'll likely be in for the majority of Deadpool 2 simply for having to put up with the merc with a mouth.

It's still fairly amazing that we find ourselves here. Filming has wrapped on the sequel to a movie that was never supposed to be made in the first place. The Deadpool movie had been in development hell forever and every indication was it was never going to happen. One test footage leak later, Deadpool doesn't just get made, but it ends up one of the highest grossing R-rated movies ever made. The size of the hit cannot be understated. Now, the sequel is on the way and it looks like we'll even get an X-Force movie as a result of all of this as well. That's at least three films we would have never seen if things had gone differently.

From here, Deadpool 2 will go into post-production where things like digital effects will be added. Most major films give themselves at least a full year to do work like that, but one of the things that makes Deadpool unique is that doesn't go in for nearly as much of that as your average superhero movie. Much of that was due to necessity the first time around. While Fox did eventually greenlight the project, it wasn't given a massive budget. While we're guessing Deadpool 2 has more money to play with, every indication we have is that they won't be using it turn the sequel into a special effects blockbuster.

Deadpool 2 is set for release on June 1, 2018.

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