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Ron Howard has been having a lot of fun with fans as he's been filming the next spinoff of the Star Wars universe. Today he announced that filming has wrapped, but he gave fans one final gift to go with it. He's finally revealed the name of the bloody movie. We've been calling it the untitled Han Solo movie for so long that we thought we'd never know what it was going to be called, but in a video posted online, Ron Howard has officially given us the title, Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Ok, so here's a special message as we wrap production! #starwars

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The title isn't too much of a surprise as the name Solo has been seen around the film previously, in places like crew t-shirts and other associated marketing material. We also fully expected the Star Wars Story subtitle, as Rogue One started that trend, and we expect all future Star Wars movies that aren't part of the primary saga to use it. Still, it's nice to finally have the name confirmed, if only because it makes referring to the movie in conversation a heck of a lot easier.

Solo (god it feels good to just call it that) has been a troubled production for the last several months following the replacing of the original directors in the middle of filming. As such, the shooting schedule, which was supposed to wrap up by mid-summer, is just finishing up now. While the movie was delayed, the film's release date of May 2018 wasn't pushed back. It wouldn't be surprising if Lucasfilm's plan was to reveal the title once principal photography was over, except that due to the delays, that didn't happen until seven months before the movie's release.

It's a good title. It's brief and simple, just like Rogue One, and since everybody knows who Han Solo is, it doesn't need to tell us anything more. Besides, Han Solo's name was always one of the best things about the character. There's also the potential double meaning of the title, since one would expect our lead character to be something of a loner.

In the grand scheme of things the late title reveal won't be that big a deal. We likely won't be seeing marketing kick into high hear for Solo: A Star Wars Story until after Star Wars: The Last Jedi has been released. Of course, with only five months separating the two releases, we can expect Lucasfilm to basically shift from promoting the one right into the other, likely without much of a break at all.

Now that we have a title, the next step is to get a look at the actual movie. There's a pretty good chance that the trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story will be attached to Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Unless it comes sooner, of course.