One Cool Aquaman Character Has Finally Been Revealed

With less than a month until Justice League finally makes its theatrical debut, many of the core elements of the film continue to remain a mystery. We have yet to get a proper glimpse at Steppenwolf in all of his villainous glory, and the roles of specific side characters and actors are still closely guarded secrets. However, it now looks like the Aquaman corner of the DCEU just came into even more focus. On that note, Julian Lewis Jones' mysterious role in Justice League has finally been revealed, and it looks like he is probably portraying a former king of Atlantis. Check out a picture posted by the actor, below.

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The ornate armor and badass trident seem to be pretty dead giveaways. It looks like Julian Lewis Jones is portraying a former king of Atlantis, which means the undersea kingdom will receive a reasonably thorough exploration during the upcoming superhero epic. Between the presence of Willem Dafoe's Vulko, Amber Heard's Queen Mera, and now this mysterious undersea king, we are going to get quite a bit of mythology related to Arthur Curry in the next entry in the DCEU.

This social media post doesn't provide much narrative context for how Julian Lewis Jones' Atlantean king will factor into Justice League's story. However, it seems reasonable to assume that this could be a flashback sequence showing an earlier skirmish involving Atlantis and Themyscira facing off against Steppenwolf's Parademons during the arrival of the Mother Boxes on Earth. This is primarily because the armor worn by this king appears to be the same suit worn by Arthur Curry in the modern day battle against Steppenwolf's forces. If that is the case, then it is entirely possible that we may also see fan-favorite Wonder Woman Amazons like Antiope and Queen Hippolyta alongside Jones' character on the battlefield.

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Although Justice League is being set up as an ensemble story, it is clear that the film will do quite a bit of heavy-lifting to help get audiences up to speed before James Wan's Aquaman debuts next year. We already know that Jason Momoa's Aquaman won't actually become the true king of Atlantis until the events of his solo movie next year. That said, showing the royal hierarchy and providing an explanation of the political landscape of this kingdom will help lay the groundwork for him to eventually make his way home and take his rightful place on the throne.

Justice League will hit theaters next month on November 17, and Arthur Curry will make a splash of his own when his solo movie premieres next year on December 21, 2018. Tickets for Justice League are currently available, so make sure to get yours and start gearing up for the League's first big screen adventure!

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