Netflix's New Movie The Babysitter Had A Serious Photoshop Fail

Netflix's The Babysitter has been getting decent marks from horror movie fans looking for something new to watch this Halloween. However, the scariest thing about the new movie may be this photoshop job. An image attached to the movie's Netflix page was more than a little unsettling to a few of those who recently selected the film. If you give the below image (which is still viewable on the site) a close look, you'll likely notice the title character's hands are all wrong.

The Babysitter Netflix

While having two left feet is a phrase we're familiar with, having two right hands is not one we've heard of before. The thumb of the hand holding the sandwich is clearly on the wrong side of the hand for it to be the left hand. The more you look at it, the more bizarre it appears. The image must be an entirely digital construction. If it was even based on an actual picture, then this would have been much less likely to happen. Perhaps whoever drew the image should have taken a picture of an actual pair of hands in this position, if only just for reference. Here's an example from an actual Reddit user.

And to be clear, the character doesn't actually have two right hands in the movie. It's not like a bizarre plot point. Bella Thorne's Sonya has two normal hands throughout the movie. Though, if Netflix decides to make a sequel, maybe there's something in that concept.

Of course now, thanks to Reddit bringing this to our attention, we'll be spending the entire movie checking the lead character's hands just to make sure there's not something wrong with them.

Photoshop is a great idea until it gets used for evil in moments like this. Far too often movie posters and other promotional images just get created digitally rather than being actual photographs. While much of the work is done by people with solid skills, there's a lot of photoshop work that doesn't look like it was done that way. There's just as much, if not more, that is so obvious that it hurts the eyes. Was the "left" hand here just pulled from another image and dropped in place without bothering to move the thumb? Was the artist confused which hand he was working on? There are so many unanswered questions here.

While there are a variety of different ways to access The Babysitter on Netflix that don't show the offending image, its still there you if you find the right menu path. From all indications, The Babysitter is a fun, if not particularly unique horror movie, if Satan worshipping babysitters is your idea of a good time. Don't let silly graphics work dissuade you from checking it out if that sounds good to you.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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