One Logan Actor Who Absolutely Deserves An Oscar, According To The Producer

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Ever since Logan hit the silver screen earlier this year, many fans have begun to champion it as a potential Oscar-winner. Even X-Men franchise insider/perpetual smartass Ryan Reynolds thinks it has what it takes to bring the comic book genre across that barrier. There are plenty of aspects of the film that could potentially win big when awards season rolls around, but now Logan producer Hutch Parker seems to think that it is time for Patrick Stewart to get his Oscar for his work on the film. Parker opened up alongside Logan director James Mangold and said:

The fact that Patrick has not received those kinds of acknowledgments is astounding to me.

Despite his status as one of the more well-respected and seasoned actors in Hollywood, Patrick Stewart has remained shockingly unrepresented at the major American award ceremonies. He has received nominations (but no wins) for several Emmys and Golden Globes over the years, and he has never even been to The Academy Awards as a nominee. With the release of Logan back in March, Hutch Parker is of the opinion that this needs to change. With his final outing as Charles Xavier, Stewart has earned his chance to walk away with that sweet Oscar gold.

Elsewhere during the interview with THR, Logan director James Mangold addressed Patrick Stewart's commitment to the character, as well as his apparent lack of concern over the risks of the film. Mangold recounted:

Patrick attacked this thing with ferocity. He was fearless about playing Charles' weaknesses as well as his strengths. He wasn't worried about the vanity of it.

James Mangold has a point, if for no other reason than the fact that Patrick Stewart's performance as Charles Xavier in Logan was unlike any version of the character that we have seen in live-action. Unlike the poised, proper, and put-together elder statesman from the previous movies, Stewart presented audiences with a broken version of Professor X ravaged by a degenerative brain disease. It made for some genuinely tragic moments, but it also provided a proper dose of comedy in a few critical areas of the film's story. In short: it was a well-rounded and genuinely compelling performance that Mangold and Parker think deserves formal recognition.

Of course, if any scene encapsulates that idea, it would have to be Charles' emotional breakdown before his fatal encounter with Wolverine doppelganger X-24.

Now that Patrick Stewart has reached his chronological end as Charles Xavier, James McAvoy will return as the younger version of the chrome-domed mutant when X-Men: Dark Phoenix hits theaters next year on November 2, 2018 -- following the April 13 release of New Mutants, and the June 1 release of Deadpool 2.

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