Alexander Skarsgard Is Balding For New Film Role

Never let it be said that Alexander Skarsgard doesn't throw everything he's got into his job. The actor gained the impressive muscle mass needed to play Tarzan and unsettled audiences with his abusive husband in Big Little Lies, but now Skarsgard has taken his biggest plunge yet. Skarsgard is now bald for a new film role, and unveiled the look during an event in New York City on Thursday night. The best way to describe the baldness is "Friar Tuck style," and it's not a super great look on Skarsgard. Check it out for yourself.

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Even Pennywise would cringe at that. Alexander Skarsgard as undergone a new transformation for a movie role, and evidently this character is thinning a bit at the top. The ELLE Magazine Twitter snagged a photo of Skarsgard revealing the look for the first time at an event in New York City. Is he still hot? Sure he is. Is he as hot as he used to be? Not quite. No one seems to be certain for what role Skarsgard has done this to himself for, but he is currently filming a movie called The Hummingbird Project. It's about two high-frequency traders who go up against their old boss in order to make millions. Yeah, I could see a high-frequency trader being bald like that.

Of course, the internet being what it is, people on Twitter have already reacted to Alexander Skarsgard's baldness, and if people have strong feelings about him growing a mustache, you better believe they have thoughts about him shaving his head. The reactions range from shocked, to depressed, to angry at the world for taking away something good from their lives. A lot of people are feeling some emotions over this, but I felt this one summed it up quite nicely.

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Alexander Skarsgard, the son of actor Stellan Skarsgard, arguably first burst into the mainstream for his role on HBO's True Blood. He has a number of film and TV projects under his belt, with some of his most notable being The Legend of Tarzan, 13, and Big Little Lies. The actor recently won an Emmy for his role on Big Little Lies as the abusive but complicated Perry Wright.

Alexander Skarsgard's hair may be gone, but his career sure isn't. The actor has a number of projects in the works, such as The Hummingbird Project, The Kill Team, and Mute. For all your movie news make sure to keep it right here at CinemaBlend and we'll keep you updated with new information as soon as it becomes available.

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