William H. Macy Doesn't Think God Needs To Forgive Mark Wahlberg For Boogie Nights

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Recently, Mark Wahlberg opened up about his feelings starring in Boogie Nights, and how he hopes that God is a "movie fan." Wahlberg starred as a porn actor in the film who sinks deeper and deeper into drug abuse and exhibits behavior that Wahlberg seems to regret. At least one of his former co-stars, William H. Macy, feels that there's nothing to be ashamed about. Macy was recently asked how he felt about Wahlberg's comments on Boogie Nights, and he replied that it doesn't matter because it's ultimately a great movie.

That was a great movie. I rest my case. He doesn't need forgiveness for Boogie Nights. It's a great movie. It's a moral movie.

Mark Wahlberg recently appeared at a Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago event, where the actor was candid about his feelings toward his starring role in Boogie Nights. The Invincible actor said that Boogie Nights was "up there at the top of the list" of past choices that he regrets. In the film, Wahlberg stars as Eddie Adams, a.k.a Dirk Diggler, who becomes a porn star and gets lost in the party hard lifestyle that his stardom affords him. TMZ caught up with William H. Macy, who co-starred as Little Bill in the movie, and asked him what he thought about Wahlberg's comments. Macy said that there was nothing to forgive because Boogie Nights was a great and "moral movie."

Directed and written by Paul Thomas Anderson, Boogie Nights takes a look at the porn industry in the late 70s/early 80s and the lives of the people in the industry. It's ultimately a very matter-of-fact look at porn as a business above all else, and it doesn't really paint the surrounding drug abuse and criminal behavior of some of the actors as a positive thing. This is likely what William H. Macy means when he calls it a "moral movie."

From a purely pragmatic viewpoint, you can't say that Boogie Nights wasn't important to Mark Wahlberg's career. Wahlberg had starred in a few films before then, but it was Boogie Nights that ultimately cemented him as an A-list actor, eventually going on to be nominated for an Oscar for his role in The Departed. The subject matter of Boogie Nights was always something that made him hesitate though, so it's easy to understand why the film has upset him from a religious perspective.

Mark Wahlberg at least has something on the way that's a bit more family-friendly than Boogie Nights. The actor will be appearing in the comedy Daddy's Home 2 alongside Will Ferrell, John Lithgow, and Mel Gibson. The sequel will release in theaters later this month on November 10. For more movie news, keep it right here at CinemaBlend.

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