Jason Momoa Is Super Pumped To Start Filming The Crow Reboot, Check It Out

The reboot of The Crow has been a project that's been a long time coming, but now it looks like it might finally make it into production, and the man currently tapped to take on the role of Eric Draven seems ready to go. The man who is about to make his big debut as Aquaman looks ready to move on to a much darker sort of comic book hero. Jason Momoa will be taking over the role made famous by Brandon Lee, and he recently took to social media to make his excitement known.

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No movie in recent memory has had quite the bumpy road that The Crow has had, and yet, it looks like this one is finally actually going to happen. Jason Momoa took to Instagram before Justice League even hit theaters to tell director Corin Hardy to get ready, because Momoa has been looking forward to this for a long time. It sounds like production on the film is about to actually get underway.

There's something fitting about the fact that a movie about an avenging angel that comes back from the dead has been stuck in development hell for as long as this one was. Numerous lead actors and directors have been attached to remake/reboot of The Crow for the last half-dozen years or so. Names like Bradley Cooper, Luke Evans, and Jake Huston have been attached to star. The studio producing the film even ended up filing for bankruptcy. Also, they got sued... and the rights expired. There have been some hurdles is what we're saying.

It's a fairly heroic feat that this movie didn't completely fall apart, and yet, somehow, here it is, moving forward. It was previously reported that production would be starting in January, and it certainly sounds from Jason Momoa's post that they're still on that schedule.

The Crow is based on a comic book created by James O'Barr in the late 1980s and features the character of Eric Draven who seeks revenge for the death of himself and his fiancee at the hands of a gang of thugs. The comic was made into a film in 1994 staring Brandon Lee, the son of famous martial arts movie star Bruce Lee. Brandon was killed while on the set of the film when a prop gun malfunctioned, which helped the film achieve a sort of mythic status. The original film saw a number of lesser quality sequels starring other actors, but the franchise has been dormant for some time.

It's been about a year since Jason Momoa was attached to The Crow, and since then things have begun to move forward. Sony recently agreed to act as the distributor for the film as well.

While fans of the original cult classic may be upset to see a new Crow on the horizon, it seems we all need to get used to it, because a new Crow movie is coming.

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