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Daniel Kaluuya and Allison Williams in Get Out

Because Hollywood is packed with sequels, remakes, reboots and other adaptations of existing intellectual property, it's always nice when a movie based off an original idea is successful. Get Out has been one of those winners in 2017, earning critical acclaim and collecting over $253 million off a $4.5 million budget (thus lining it up to potentially be the most profitable movie of the year). Since it dropped in February, the Jordan Peele-directed Get Out has been frequently mentioned as a possible awards contender, and sure enough, Universal Pictures has entered the horror movie for the Golden Globes next year. But strangely enough, Get Out will be competing in the comedy/musical categories.

Although awards pundits reportedly labeled Get Out as as a "likely contender" at the next Golden Globes ceremony regardless of placement, EW speculates that this move was made to increase the chances of the movie's lead actor, Daniel Kaluuya, earning a nomination. Kayuuya's competition could include standouts like Kumai Nanjiani in The Big Sick and James Franco in The Disaster Artist, while Get Out itself could face off against movies like I, Tonya and The Greatest Showman. The Golden Globe nominations won't be announced until December 11, so it remains to be seen if Get Out will even get the chance to do battle in the comedy/musical realm.

Assuming Get Out does become a comedy/musical nominee at the Golden Globes, this won't be the first time that awards show has raised eyebrows over why a movie was placed in a particular category. In 2016, The Martian also competed as a comedy/musical despite the fact that it was advertised as a science fiction drama (it went on to win the Best Motion Picture and Best Actor in those categories). But compared to Get Out, The Martian feels right at home in the comedy/musical genre.

While Get Out may have had some light moments peppered throughout the beginning, it didn't take long for the intensity and scares to ramp up, making it puzzling why it's not being entered as a straight drama. However, like the report said, Get Out will presumably have an easier time garnering attention if it's entered as a comedy/musical as opposed if it had to compete against the typical fare you find in the drama categories. That being said, if Get Out does well at the Golden Globes and goes on to become an Academy Awards contender, Universal won't have to be worried about it being classified under a specific genre.

Stay tuned to CinemaBlend to find out which 2017 movies will be officially entered into the next Golden Globes ceremony, which airs on NBC Sunday, January 7. In the meantime, look through our 2018 premiere guide to see what movies will be released next year.

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