It may have been a rough weekend for Justice League, but we should all hope that DC Films and Warner Bros. greenlight a sequel -- if only because of a certain post-credits tease of things to come. In the stinger, Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) is revealed to have broken out of Arkham Asylum and meets Deathstroke (Joe Manganiello) on a yacht. Luthor tells the mercenary that now that all the heroes have formed a team, he thinks that they should form one of their own. The implication is clear: Luthor is assembling a team of supervillains to fight the League in Justice League 2. That's pretty awesome, and we can only speculate as to who else Luthor could recruit for his cause.

Whether this is the Injustice League, the Injustice Gang, the Injustice Society, the Secret Society of Supervillains, or the Legion of Doom, we can only guess, but pretty much every one of these groups is the same: a big team of villains from all across the DCU. The DCEU doesn't have many villains right now, but with a bunch of DC films in-development, that won't be a problem for long. Because this would be a 25-page list otherwise, we narrowed down our favorite candidates by looking at the upcoming movie slate and determining what characters are most likely to show up over the next few years. Combined with how well they match the Justice League members, these 7 bad guys (and girls) are likely to join Lex Luthor and Deathstroke in Justice League 2.


Cheetah is a DC Comics character that has gone through a lot of iterations over the years, but she's always the sworn enemy of Wonder Woman. One of Wonder Woman's most significant villains, Cheetah is a woman cursed/blessed by the gods to take on the form of a were-cheetah with great strength and agility on par with Wonder Woman. Cheetah is typically a dark reflection of Diana and her relationship with her own patrons. There have been a few women who have become Cheetah, but the most relevant -- and most likely to be in a movie -- is Barbara Ann Minerva. An archeologist, she is gifted her powers by the plant god (double checks spelling) Urzkartaga, which turns her into a warrior beast.

We can easily see Cheetah as the villain of Wonder Woman 2. Even if that ends up being another period piece, it could be that Cheetah's powers gift her a with a type of immortality like Diana, allowing her to appear in the present day. Cheetah's origins were recently altered so that she was close friends with Diana before she became Cheetah, putting a remorseful strain on the Amazon whenever she has to fight Cheetah. A live-action version of that would be compelling to watch and it would make Cheetah a sympathetic villain.

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