With Thanksgiving mere hours away, and December not too far off itself, it's time for Netflix to make its monthly refresh of content curated to entertain its subscribers. Which means that while some titles will be leaving, others are coming in the door at the same time, and December has some interesting movies that will be joining the streaming giant's digital line-up. If you're interested in seeing what came into play last month, head over to our list of November's best debuts. But here now are the highlights of December's incoming crop of streaming titles.

8 Mile

No one would have ever thought that the director of L.A. Confidential and the man behind some of the most controversial rap hits of the late 90's would have ever made a film like 8 Mile. And yet, the late Curtis Hanson and Eminem did just that, crafting a movie telling the story of doing whatever it takes to make your dreams come true, no matter the odds. The film also won an Oscar for Best Original Song, officially giving Eminem the ability to proceed his name with the words "Academy Award Winner." It's a film that builds a likely success story out of the most unlikely of parts.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

There's a good chance you've probably already seen Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, but considering it's one of 2017's most entertaining offerings, who's to say you shouldn't watch it a couple more times at home? And if you haven't seen James Gunn's big Marvel sequel, well, you'll finally get to see what the fuss is about. Sure, spacebound adventures and witty one-liners are as plentiful here as they were in Guardians of the Galaxy, but be prepared with some extra Kleenex, as there are some seriously tender moments of humanity sprinkled in as well.

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